10 Decor Pieces Under 25€!

 Hey guys!

As I am typing this right now, I am sat in my soon to be former appartment surrounded by boxes after boxes and bags after bags full of all my belongings, rummaging through one labeled 'kitchen' in search of a wine glass so that I can pour myself some much needed Rosé all while crossing my fingers that my last-minute washed towels and bed sheets will speed-dry over night...

Oh, how glamorous moving is!

Yes, yes, it is moving day for me tomorrow indeed... I've moved a lot the past five years and everytime I seem to forget just how stressfull, nerve-racking and time-consuming a move is - maybe my brain tries to save me from the trauma I went through??

Trying to distract myself from the thought of having to fall asleep on my couch tonight, because I have already disassembled my bed (yes, you read that right, I.took.down.my.bed.one.night.early. - I told you, nerves!) I started to fill up my mind with much more glorious thoughts - decorating my new appartment!

I went on a scroll to my favourite interior and decor onlineshops and came across SO MANY GOOD Bargains, it's actually insane! As you know, I'm always on a budget, so being able to find 10 beautiful decor pieces under 25€ was a dream come true for me!

Of course I did not want to hide my finds from you, so here is my list. I hope you enjoy!

*this is breathtakingly gorgeous! The BF called it useless and hard to dust off - I couldn't care less!
comes in two different sizes and three colors!

*ok, I must admit... I have no clue what I would store in this basket, but it is just too cute to pass!
comes in four different colors

*did you know that having Elephant themed decor in your home stands for attracting wealth? in that case - make me rich little guy! comes in three different designs and three colors

*a satin pillow case for 9.99€? yes please! comes in a beautiful grey shade as well.

*i can not be the only person absolutely obsessed with this mirror - I love the sleek and simple design! perfect for my new dressing table!
*this cotton throw is what my new-and-cozy appartment dreams are made off! Can you actually believe the price??

*i love a good print and plan on having some sort of gallery wall in my new appartment - let's all cross our fingers that I can actually work that out haha!

*i am obsessed with this tiny cute vase! Isn't it adorable? I think it would look cool to line three of these and put a single flower in each of them. comes in four colors!

*i think this looks so much more expensive than what it is - I think 9.99€ is actually (almost) too good to be true! comes in two different colors.

*and last but CERTAINLY not least here is the most perfect table light you have and will ever see. I fell in love with it!

 What do you think of my picks? Which one is your favorite? And how do you like to decorate your house if you are not really feeling particularly spendy? Let me know!

P.S.: Also, I thought I had not yet picked out a color theme for my new bedroom, looking at the collage I did.... mhhhh maaayybe it seems like I have already decided for one.... haha!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used in this post, just trying to help you shop :)


  1. They're amazing! I especially love the candle holder, so original!

    Love from London,


    1. Hi Whit! I know, that candle holder is so pretty, isn't it? I really like those types of designs right now, I am actually currently eyeing up a lamp in this style right now - I might get it! :)
      xx Janine

  2. Such a beautiful products! I really like them! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you very much for commenting love!
      xx Janine

  3. I did not know that about elephants! In that case, let me just fill my shopping cart with all things elephant LOL. I, too, want to do a gallery wall! I think they add a great touch of creativity to your home. I'd love to see yours when you're finished!

    xx, Des

    1. Aw your comment made me laugh Desiree! And yes, I agree about the gallery walls, I love how you can really personalize them and make your personal taste shine through. I hope that I will share mine soon !

      xx Janine

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    1. So pretty aren't they? Thank for commenting love!
      xx Janine