5 Bikinis You Need In Your Life Under 30 Euros!

Hello everyone!

So this heat wave here in Germany has been no joke lately... and I could not be happier!

And even though I am drowning in studying for my exams next months and spending every awake minute of day in the library at the moment I enjoy this weather so much! I feel like people are much more content, more positive and there are good vibes everywhere you're going - well, maybe not on the tube when you're stuck with a billion of other people in a stuffy, hot as hell, way to tiny space... but anyway!

At least I get to wear my summer wardrobe, which is my favorite part of my closet and who says you can not look cute in a fun little summer dress even if you're just surrounded by books and notes am I right?!

So with that being said, you're probably thinking... well, you are soooo busy, we get it... but you still have time to scroll through online shops??
That is correct!

Because what do you do when you are about to break into tears by a look on your To-Do list? You go online shopping for swimwear! And as you know I am always on a budget and love to share my affordable finds - so here is my edit of five cute as f*uck bikinis that you need for this glorious summer time and they are all under 30€!

*if seen knot detailed bikinis everywhere this season - such a cute trend!
PrettyLittleThing striped bikini top & bottom 
 *oh this one is so fun! colorful yet still not too over the top and I love the high legged cut of the bottoms!

H&M frilled white bikini top & bottom
*how cute is this! I love me a good palm print!
 *this is not a drill - I repeat - this is not a drill: I found a marble print bikini!!

I hope you liked this little selection! I will proceed burying my face in some books about employment law now :)

xx, Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used in this post - just trying to help you shop :)


  1. Die Bikinis sind wirklich ein Sommer-Traum*-*
    Ganz viel Glück für deine Prüfungen!

    Alles Liebe,


  2. I love the palm print and the marble! I can't get enough of either of those prints this summer.

    x Sheila


    1. Yeees, I completely agree, so summery!
      xx Janine