Transitional Summer Outfit Under €100

I guess we all have to accept that fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us - but that does not mean that we have to say farewell to our favorite summer clothing pieces just yet!
Though confusing I think that the transitional time between two seasons really lets us get creative with out closets and mix and match pieces that we did not think about pairing together before.
And bonus if they are affordable!

So here is a cute transitional summer outfit. Throw on the jean jacket if it does get a little bit chilly in the evening or still soak in those last sun rays in that adorable white body suit. I feel like those paperbag pants are SUCH a great staple that work really well with a fall wardrobe!
And OMG how amazing are those mules??

 xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)


  1. Replies
    1. They are too cute aren't they!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. i adore paperbag skinny trousers at the moment, i literally have five in my wishlist right now haha

    1. hahah I know exactly what you mean, I am obsessed with them! They are sooo flattering yet so comfy though!

  3. Gorgeous pieces love the shoes!

    With love from London,