10 Transitional Fall Jackets You Need!

After trying to grab on to those last sunny days of summer as hard as I can and still wearing my sandals and short sleeve tops EVEN IN THE EVENING pretending I am not freezing my butt off - I finally just have to admit that fall is approaching us with light speed and is already hitting full force on some days here in Germany.

We have officially entered the stage where you dress to beat the chilly crisp air in the morning, are sweating to death by midday and are ready to bust out your winter coat and UGG boots in the evenings.
In short: How the F are we supposed to choose what to wear??

And that is why I love wearing those lighter yet still pretty covering transitional jackets, because they will give you a little bit of warmth (and also will keep you from looking like a total idiot walking to the train station in the morning in your T-shirt in one digit weather!) but they are not so bulky that you can not easily take them off and carry them over your arm or even put them in your bag when it does get warmer throughout the day.

I especially like styling transitional jackets making them a part - and sometimes even THE part - of my outfit - I think that is super fun! 
Here is my edit of the most amazing transitional jackets out there, some of them even have surprisingly amazing price points!

*this was one of the first jackets this season that caught my eye and I am seriously in love with it! is is super fall-ish yet it is cropped and I am obsessed with the raw hem!

*a camel coat is a staple for every fall wardrobe and i love how the cut of this one is super modern with the fit being a little oversized. i like how the front is open so it is not too warm.

*no transitional jacket edit without a classic leather jacket! this one is fake leather but looks sooo high quality. i like how simple it is and the price is amazing! 

* i truly think this is one of the best finds in this edit! this cord jacket is EVERYTHING and can be paired with so many different outfits yet will still add that something extra and trendy! 

*definitely not your typical transitional jacket as this is one that you can easily wear up until the later fall days, but i still wanted to share since this is super adorable and i mean look at that price! such a steal!

*a checked pattern is always in style for fall as well as a good ol' boyfriend blazer! i thought this would work very well for a chic jacket now and can be easily worn as an actual blazer later.

*again not your super traditional transitional jacket but it does get super cold during the nights already where i live and i would happily opt for a more patted version during the late evenings. you can easily transition this one into the later fall and even earlier winter days! 

*another one of my favorite finds - isn't it amazing! i am in love with the colors - so unexpected. great for wearing it over light tops now and layering it as a blazer later on. 

*a denim jacket is another great option for a transitional jacket that is easy to style and will upgrade any outfit. i like to opt for a distressed and more oversized fit, just like this one.

 Missguided Camo Jacket - €67.99
*i know i keep saying this but this is another one of my favorites! camo is everywhere at the moment and even though i love the trend, it does get a bit repetitive. this jacket is different from any other one that I have seen, i just think the pattern is so unique! 

I hope you enjoyed this little edit! Which jacket is your fav?

Thanks so much for reading!

xx Janine




    Ellie xx

  2. Love this post! Defo have my eye on some of these jackets!! We are starting to experience the same weather in the U.K. and I’m always struggling with what to wear!!

    Sian xx

    1. This awkward time between a change of season is actually the worst for a fashion lover right? Haha I have to get reeaaally creative with my wardrobe right now :)
      Thanks for commenting love!