4 Current Beauty Must-Haves

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope you all had a really great start to September! I know this month can feel like a little bit of a gap month - summer is most likely over or hanging on it's last threats, but fall is not reeeaallly here yet - at least that what it feels like to me (I am sooo confused on what to wear right now, oh my god, please tell me I am not alone here!).

However, I have started to slowly transition into the fall season and what is really interesting is that I always seem to get more into makeup and skincare - beauty products in general - when the colder seasons hit!
Maybe it is because you start to get this cozy feeling where you just want to spend your evenings at home on the couch, with a hot cup of tea, and pamper yourself - I love those kinds of evenings!
And this feeling just inspired me to share with you my current must-have beauty products and tell you exactly why I absolutely love them and why they are really that special to me. 
Keep reading to find out everything about my four favorite makeup, hair and skincare items right now (and btw, I tried to make that five favorites but could not think of anything particularly life changing that I have discovered lately expect for these four products... so four recommendations it is haha!).

Rituals - The Ritual of Sakuro Body Cream - €17.50 - 220 ml
To describe what I love most about this product is super easy: THE SCENT! The smell of this product to me is one of the most dreamy - if not THE most dreamy - I have ever come across. The fragrance is a blend of cherry blossom and white rice and it smells cozy, fresh, and warm all at the same time. This body cream is super rich and moisturizing, but it does absorb quite quickly and does not leave an oily or sticky feeling on the skin. You can tell it really nourishes because how soft the skin feels even hours after applying this.

L'Oreal Paris Detox Clay Mask With Charcoal - €9.94 - 50ml
This mask is my most recent discovery and I could kick myself for not trying it sooner. To be honest, back when L'Oreal released these masks (there are four types in total I think) I completely thought these were more Marketing than anything else, because I do not tend to full trust L'Oreal skincare. However, I am obsessed with this detox Mask since the first time I used it. You apply the black mask and wait about 15 minutes for it to completely dry. The clay in the mask will pull out any excess oil and other impurities that are sitting in your pores - this is really embarissing to say, but I was actually shocked when I looked in the mirror after 15 minutes the first time I used it... But let me just tell you this mask gets rid of EVERYTHING that you do not want to sit on and in your skin! It works so well and also you only need a tiny amount - the container says about 10 applications, yet I have used it about 6 times now and it looks barely used, which makes it really great value!

essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara - €7.18 - 12ml
Normally, I am not too fussy about my mascara, I do have a few favorites from a drugstore and just use them in rotation, so for me it is a big thing to even buy a mascara again consecutively - and right now I am on by third tube of this essence mascara and I am not planning on switching any time soon! I guess I have quite good lashes, the only thing I really care about is more volume and the mascara being really black and that is what the Lash Princess Mascara is perfect for! It does not clump, it gives maximum volume and length and it does.not.smude. We had a reeeaaally hot summer in Germany this year and my makeup basically melted off my face everyday - except for my mascara!
MORROCANOIL Dry Texture Spray - €25.05 - 205ml
I got recommended this product by a friend. I have SUPER straight hair, which I actually really like because I literally do nothing to it other than brushing it most of the days, however, ever since I cut my hair much much shorter, I do enjoy a little bit of texture in my 'do! I researched some texture sprays and then a friend of mine brought me hers to try and I really liked it from the get go. It really does not require much effort at all to achieve a little bit of a more voluminous, un-done hair style with a lot of texture, but it really does make quite the difference! But what I love most about this product is that it does not feel heavy in your hair - I am TERRIFIED of products weighing my hair down or making it look oily, but this one does not give me this effect at all, I simply brush it out at the end of the day.

Those are my four absolute beauty must-haves right now! I know this was rather short, but I only want to recommend my definite favorites and products that I have tried for a substantial amount of time.
Did you like this kind of post? Have you tried any of my favorite products? And most importantly: do you have any current beauty product recommendation for me? ;)

xx Janine


  1. I swear by dry texture spray! It does wonders!

    xx Leah / www.leahbehr.com