On My Shoppinglist: Glamour Shopping Week Deals

 I am gearing up to start some serious online shopping starting this Thursday and the reason is the start of the Glamour Shopping Week which is THE sale shopping event initiated years ago by the German Glamour magazin where A TON of retailers have amazing sales going on! If you are from Germany, Austria or Switerland, you can check out my post on all the Glamour Shopping Weeks sales, codes and links here.
So as I am sat here on my couch, with a cliché hot caramel macchiato next to me and spend this rainy and windy Saturday afternoon scrolling through my favorite onlineshops. I am really looking to update my fall wardrobe and have a pretty thourough wishlist of pieces that I would love to add to my closet for the upcoming pumpkin spice season. As I kept adding sweater after sweater and cute booties next to faux fur coats into my shopping basket I curated the most adorable pieces and the best deals in this shoppinglist right here.
Happy shopping!

I hope you enjoyed my shoppinglist for the upcoming sales week! What is on yours??

xx Janine

Disclaimer: No affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)