5 Affordable Faux Leather Jackets To Buy Right Now!

A good faux leather jacketis definitely one of my all time fall staples!
And to not get too repetitive, I like to keep a good selection of leather-looking jackets on me to switch up my looks. From typical biker jackets to a suede looking style in a fun color - they are just the perfect way to elevate even the simplest t-shirt and jeans outfit during this time of year.

I always turn to Zara for a good faux leather biker jacket. They do one every year and I've never been disappointed! However, they are so many cute jackets out right now by a lot of different brands!

So, I wanted to do a round-up of five really cute styles that I found while browsing my favorite onlineshops and to make it even more fun: none of these are over €90 and the majority are even under €50!

Happy shopping!

The Classic


As I already mentioned, Zara is always my go to when it comes to a good, affordable and classic faux leather jacket! I've had one for three years now and it looks as good as new to be completely honest! This is this years model and I do love the rocker chic style, with all those details and the classic cut. 

The Suede 


In my opinion nothing screams fall more than a suede jacket in a seasonal color! This faux suede jacket by Mango is so amazing, super simple, but it comes in five great fall colors - mustard, dove blue, burgundy, beige and brown - that will go amazing with your wardrobe.  

The Modern


I thought this more unconventional leather jacket by VILA is such a great modern take on the trend piece! Definitely something different than anything I've seen in the stores and it completely changes a look. I think this is also great for those girls that dress pretty girly and feel like a traditional biker jacket is too heavy looking for their style. 

 The Colorful


Now for the girls that really like to have fun with their wardrobe - and their outerwear in particular!
This adorable blush pink jacket will look extremely cool paired with light-wash denim and white sneakers, I also really like the crinkly texture of the leather. It's just overall such a cool statement pieces - don't you agree?

The Warm

And last but not least I wanted to share this pretty nude one by H&M. It is padded with a light layer of faux fur - it does not look too warm at all. The leather has a look of rawness and the seams are unfinished which just adds such a unique look to this jacket. I would buy this a size up to give it a really oversized feel.


This is it for my round up of super cool and trendy faux leather jackets that also do not break the bank! Did you like it? Which style is your fav??

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)


  1. I like the rose colored one! so cute and cozy...especially if you ordered it a few sizes bigger...I want it lol



    1. Isn't it super adorable! It would be such a cute statement piece honestly.
      Thanks for commenting love!

  2. That Rose jacket is STUNNING - I think I might have to invest!! Loved this post x

    Elle x

    1. It is amazing right? Such a show stopper imo!
      Thanks for commenting love!