How To Make Overknee Boots Stay Up!

I recently picked up a pair of gorgeous over the knee boots from Asos (they were from the brand New Look) to style with my new perfectly slouchy and oversized grey sweater dress and could not wait to wear exactly that outfit on an amazingly sunny Saturday afternoon to get a coffee with my girlfriends.

So far, so good.

What I did not expect was that my new OTK boots would basically fall down my legs after about thirty seconds of me walking and end up somewhere
I bet you can imagine how pissed I was having to pull up the boots CONSTANTLY and trying to tie the drawstring at the top of them even tighter after every five steps.

Needless to say, I sent the boots right back to where they came from.

I then picked up a much better quality pair of OTK boots and they just stay up SO much better, when wearing over jeans or tights I do not have to pull them up at all. However, wearing them with bare legs even those boots feel a tiny bit less secure - which is why I pulled together some little tips and tricks to actually make your OTK boots stay up and slouch-free on bare legs!

1. A Boot Bra

Yes, you read that right. A boot bra is actually a thing!
When I googled for tips on how to make my OTK boots stay up, this was the thing that really caught my eye. Here is a link to a boot bra on Amazon, just to get a quick idea, but it is basically a sort of bandage with a snap you put around your thigh and connect with the other part of the button, that is adhered to the boot. I've also seen another version that uses velcro instead of a snap.
The reviews are amazing, but before purchasing this (it's pretty pricey for what it is imo) I've seen tutorials all over the Internet on how to DIY them!

2. Fashion Tape!

Okay, fashion tape has to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind (obviously over-exaggerating relentlessly). And this was another option that came up countless of times while doing my research - and it makes sense! Fashion tape is pretty strong being able to hold dresses and shirts in place and it does the same with boots, as long as the fabric isn't too heavy.
It also pretty much only works on bare legs, as you will have a hard time trying to make fashion tape stick on pieces like jeans or tights. However, I do think this is a really great quick and affordable fix to a slouching boot!

3. Material Matters

This is actually the most important tip imo and something that you just have to take into consideration when purchasing OTK boots.
It makes sense that sturdy materials like leather or suede rarely slide down or bunch up. So if you have the cash, invest in these materials!
For the rest of us: look for thicker, sturdy-feeling materials. Boots made out of fabric that basically feel like a t-shirt might feel amazing on, but will fall down in a matter of seconds. If you want that skin-tight look, go for a fabric that is really stretchy.
My OTK boots are made out of faux suede and stay up perfectly.

What are your tips for making your OTK boots stay up? And what do you think about a boot bra??
I hope these tips are somewhat helpful!

xx Janine


  1. That's a bummer that those didn't work for you! I love OTK boots, they are so cute!

    1. Yeah, so glad I found a pair I really love!
      I looove styling OTK boots! :)
      Thanks for commenting Vanessa

  2. Thank you so much for these great tips. I remembered once I bought a new over the knee boots and until I come to job they become ankle boots.

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    1. Hahaha I actually had to lol a little bit with your comment because that is exactly what I experienced with my first pair!
      xx Janine

  3. I recently purchased a pair of OTK boots and I love them, but I have the same problem! Thanks for sharing your tips.

    x Sheila

  4. Oh no, such a bummer, I hope those tips help you out!
    Thanks for commentign Sheila!