Little Things You Can Do To Immediately Feel Happier!

Right now, as I am sitting down to write this blogpost it is the end of 'one of those days': I didn't have a good night sleep, I woke up feeling down for absolutely no reason, work was stressful, I missed my train back home and don't even get me started on all those little things that kept on happening all day long that absolutely pissed me off.

I came home a few hours ago feeling upset, discouraged, tired, uninspired and a little bit angry - just overall I was not feeling good! I was in such a bad mood that I even decided not to go to the gym tonight, even though I normally love working out.

Then I stumbled upon an article when I scrolled through my Social Media accounts like it was second nature that treated the topic of how your mood is right before you go to bed can actually not only affect the ability to fall asleep but the quality of your sleep as well! Call it a sign of the universe or just pure coincidence - I there and then decided I would NOT have such a bad sleep AGAIN and in return, I had to do something about me feeling down. Something that would lift my mood and it had to happen IMMEDIATELY!

Which led me to writing this blogpost :)
I wanted to share five little things that always cheer me up when I am feeling a bit down and comfort me in such a way, that I feel happier. Keep on reading to find out how I do it.

Good Music Is Always A Good Idea
It is not a coincidence that throughout history music was always used as a way to escape the hardships of the real world and bringing people together to celebrate life. This sounds super cheesy, but if you think about it, there are not many other things on this world that are so readily available anywhere and have such an impact on your mood instantly. I would not really recommend listening to a Lana Del Rey album while you are trying to get out of a little rut, but turning on your favorite artist and a feel-good playlist can work wonders. There is just one rule - play it LOUD!

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Working Out 
It is scientifically proven that physical activity is not only beneficial for your health but not less importantly (maybe even most importantly) for your mind and well-being! The reason for that are the production of peptides in our bodies that tell the brain 'Hey, I'm feeling great!' - I'm pretty sure we all have experienced the post-gym-amazingness-feeling. Now that physical activity can be a proper gym session, or a yoga class, or a walk through your neighbourhood, or a dance party all by yourself in your room - just MOVE!

Talk To A Loved One - Just Because
Here I really want to highlight the additive 'just because'. I am not trying to tell you to call your mum and complain high and low about how shitty your day was and why you're feeling upset (this is honestly waisting your time if you think about it and is just not necessary at all), but try calling a friend, talk to a family member, a colleague,... just for the sake of having a conversation. Listen to what they have been doing, what is going on right now, ask them about their plans for the weekend - but keep it positive! You have no idea how many times I felt so much better after doing exactly that and trust me, even a simple Whatsapp convo works wonders!
Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins 
Endorphins are called 'happiness hormones' for a reason. They are responsible for that rush of sudden energy and contendness - you feel happier! And isn't it amazing that our own bodies are actually capable of producing and releasing such a hormone? There are many different ways to initiate releasing a bigger amount of endorphins, one of which is exercising, as I touched on before. But also some foods like chocolate or spicy meals and laughter can have the same effect. Try closing your eyes, thinking about something that makes you happy and just smile for one minute - you will trick your brain into feeling happier right away. Seriously, try it out right now!
Ban The Negative Thoughts
This one sounds easier than it is, which is why I wanted to mention it last. In order to actually turn your mood around instantly, you have to ban any negative thoughts - no exception! Whenever a single, little, quiet thought of something that upsets you tries to kreep in, mute it right away. Replace it with something positive. Even thinking about puppies for twenty seconds works - I've tried that haha! This requires a bit of practice, but you alone are able to control what you are thinking about, so why would you let negative thoughts make you feel a way that you do not want to feel?

I am actually feeling so much better after typing this out! These tips are only small, but they work - try it out for yourself!
Now excuse me, I will make my way to the gym right now!
What are your tips on how to feel happier instantly?

xx Janine


  1. Glad you were able to turn your day around! I definitely go for good music or really doing anything that makes me happy.

    1. Sooo true! I actually just notice now that I completely forgot to mention food... a cheesy pizza always liftens a bad mood am I right! :D
      Thanks for commenting love!

  2. Great tips, love the positivity in this post!

    Anika |

    1. Thanks so much Anika, really appreciate that :)