Toasted Coconut Hair: Everything About The New Trend

There is a new trend on the block to give our manes a makeover this fall: Toasted Coconut Hair!

Admittely, I couldn't help myself but think about a new delicious Starbucks drink when I read that name for the first time, but apart from an adorable title this hair trend is also really freaking beautiful!

So, why toasted coconut?
The trend is actually a play on our all time fave hair color bronde - a blend of both blonde and brown nuances to  give the hair a sunkissed, lively and multi-dimensional look. Now, the coconut shade, as the name suggests, a very light, icy blonde, is added to the tips of the hair and pulled up - similar to the balayage technique - which adds a very stark contrast to the base color.

The result is a super fascinating, multi-facetted look that kind of tricks the eye because you really can't pin point at first just how many shades are blended together to achieve the style.

The actual shades that are being used depend on the individual base color of the hair as well as - of course - personal preferences! I've seen amazing interpretations of this trend, from super ashy grey-ish locks to warm caramel tones.

In my personal opinion this is the most genious and most "me" hair trend since balayage and definitely something I will try out! I think an ashy bronde with stark platinum tips is my personal fav!

What do you think? Do you like the toasted coconut trend? Is that something you would ever rock or do you prefer a totally different style? Let me know!

xx Janine


  1. Love this hair trend! So cute!

    Anika |

    1. It looks super pretty doesn't it? Thanks for commenting Anika!