Pinspiration: Cozy Up!

Even though November is one of those in-between months where nothing reeaaally is happening except for all of us waiting for the holidays, I do like to treat the almost-last month of the year as a chance to really gear up in terms of everything COZY!

Wether that be updating my winter wardrobe, re-purchasing those skincare bits that cater to dry, cold-suffering skin or pinning away recipes for gorgeous and calorie-loaded hot cocoa drinks in different variations (mmhhh...).

Speaking of Pinterest, I always like to create a mood board that caters to my decor wishes and needs for the particular season. I spend all of last night looking and saving simple way to really cozy up my home for the colder season ahead. I love the result!

Check out some inspiration to make your apartment feel like a cozy cabin somewhere in the mountains of Canada (lol) - hope you enjoy!

So, let me just say, candles, chunky knit throws and twinkle lights all the way for me!
Which Pinspiration is your fav? Which decor would you try?

xx Janine 


  1. Love how cosy these photos are! Great job :)

    Anika |

    1. I looove looking at the pics, they make me happy and feel so festive :)
      Thanks for commenting Anika!

  2. Replies
    1. Right?? So much decor inspo :)
      Thanks for commenting!