5 Easy And Super Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas!

As I am writing this, Christmas Eve is merely five days away - crazy how time has flown!

Unless you are a super last minute gift shopper (like me...), you probably already managed to get all your gifts for your loved ones.
The best part about gifts? Giving them! And the best part about giving gifts? Watching someone opening them up! What makes that extra special? Gorgeous wrapping paper!

There are sooo many stunning and creative gift wrapping ideas out there and I've always loved the thought of spending some extra time on a loved ones gift to make it uber pretty. Buuut since I'm ALWAYS on a time crunch (cue last minute gift shopping...), I like to think about one element of decoration that I then adapt to every gift I am giving.

Here I've rounded up ten easy but suuuper pretty ideas how you can make giving gifts that little bit more extra special this year!

I will add these sparkly letters to my Christmas gifts this year, by using the persons initial. I've bought some sparkly golden cardboard paper and cut out the letters from a template I printed out. Planning on tying them around the gifts with pretty ribbon just like in this photo!

I like how here simple brown paper was used to wrap the gifts, I think it even has a chic and definitely pinterest-y look about them! I like the minimalistic decor items - easy yet very thoughtful!

Isn't this little wreath decor idea the cutest thing you've ever seen?? I love it, again it is simple, yet looks super pretty! I'd do this for gifts where I really want to impress haha!

This is such a cool idea for when you really don't have much time, because you can do a bunch in one go and it is such a pretty wrapping idea. You just take a paint brush (I'd probably take an old makeup brush hahah) and some white paint and release your inner artist. Because the look is a little bit messy on purpose, you really can't do wrong!

I love this last decoration idea, because you can really go and personalize your gifts! I feel like expecially for kids this one is amazing and I also love the idea of writing quotes or Christmas greetings on the gifts. You just need dark wrapping paper and a white gel pen for this effect.

I hope you get some inspiration to take your gift wrapping to the next level this year haha!
Which of these ideas is your favorite?

xx Janine