Why The New Fashion Rules Is A Must-Read For Every Fashion Enthusiast

When my favorite and most admired fashion blogger Victoria Magrath from InTheFrow announced a while ago that she would be coming out with a book, it was a no brainer for me that I wanted to order a copy of it for my own and support this boss babe - at that time I didn't even exactly know what the book would be about haha!

I just knew it would be a beautiful piece of blogging history. Let me get this off my chest real quick here - I adore Victoria, not only for her amazing style, her awesome career, her kindness when interacting with her readers and followers, but above all for her work ethic and the fact that she pours her heart into the content she creates. And I knew that if this book would be anything like her blogposts, that I could spend HOURS reading - I would absolutely love her debut as an author.

I flew through The New Fashion Rules, avidly flipping page after page and I loved every freaking second of it. I asked my mum for this book as my birthday gift this year, so that makes it even more special to me!

So, let's go on with the book review, before this gets even more cringey haha!
Here are my reasons why The New Fashion Rules is a must-read for everyone with a passion for fashion.

You can read her personality in between the lines

I am still amazed and low key still trying to figure out how Victoria managed to bring across her personality and very own style so well with this book. The book has the tone and language of her blogposts: beautifully written, well-spoken, informative and entertaining. I loved the sprinkles of personal annecdotes and consistent parallels to her life all throughout the chapters. But everything, from the layout of the pages, through the colors and photos that were chosen, up to that beautiful cover - I think every little element is undeniably Victoria, and that in itself is a pretty huge accomplishment.

"The world is a very big place and you have the chance to take advantage of every corner of it. So why miss out on the opportunity?"

It is fresh take on the fashion world

The New Fashion Rules manages to connect elements from a variety of topics, such as fashion history, digitization, blogging, brands, shopping tips - you name it. This exactly makes the book so different, interesting and captivating - it's current, it's meaningful, it's thought-provoking all at the same time.
The fashion world has been changing a lot in the past decade, we all know that, but because so much of that has happened online, most about this topic is written, well online. I love that there is a printed book that manages to capture this very transformation of a whole industry.

There is something for everyone

Victoria says it in the intro herself: this book is for everyone, from students, to bloggers, to people working in the fashion industry, to people just enjoying browsing through high street shops - I promise you, there is something for everyone, because this book has such diverse topics!
I don't have anything to do with fashion from a studies or career point of few, but it is my passion in my past time, and I freaking enjoyed reading this book so much. I love learning something new, and The New Fashion Rules is packed with information you would normally not come across.

It is truly inspiring

I would have never believed that it would be that kind of book that gives you chills while reading certain passages - but it is!
Now, granted I'm the type of person that finds inspiration in everything I come across, however, reading about the beginnings of founders of famous brands, the story behind something that hade a huge impact on the industry and the vision of creators and innovators alike really made me want to stay up all night and flip page after page.
Paired with a lot of different tips on how to rock your very own path in the fashion industry, may it be blogging or just getting the most out of your hard earned money while shopping, this book is a true inspiration!

It is just oh so beautiful!

And last but not least, the aestethic of this book is TO DIE FOR!
I tried to explain it to one of my girlfriends and I basically said that the book looks like you took all of Victorias outfit pictures, mixed them up, melted them together and poured it into a hardcover book haha!
Everything from the cover, to the colors, to the beautiful illustrations and the photos is girly, classy, positive and very pretty to look at. I currently have The New Fashion Rules on my coffee table next to my sofa and there has been no one that has come over since that didn't pick it up and flipped through the pages admiring the stunning photography!

"... And then we have such models being cast aside and replaced by 'new-gen influencers' who can be dressed, airbrushed and created to be exactly what a brand envisions for their imagery. Food for thought."

So, this is it, that is my review on Victoria Magrath's first book The New Fashion Rules!
As you can see, I would 100% recommend this one!

You can get it on Amazon here (nope, this is not an affiliate link!), that's what I did, but I know that Victoria has listed more stores and onlineshops that carry the book in this blogpost right here.

Now, what is your opinion? Have you read the book? Do you plan to?
Leave it in the comments below!

xx Janine