9 Dreamy Boots To Add To Your Wardrobe

Happy sunday everyone!

As I am typing this I am snuggled up on the sofa with one of my best friends, eating Ben&Jerrys and watching some TV. We wanted to start watching a new show together but did not quite know which one to watch - so we decided to re-visit Revenge, which we both had started years ago, but never finished! Do you know this TV show? It is soooo good, very fast paced, a lot of unexpected turns and the main character is the ultimate girl boss! 100% recommend you go and check it out!

Anyway, I am also simultaneously browsing my fav online retailers (as I always do) because I am currently in the market for some new ankle boots. I found these gorgeous tan ones by ASOS Design, that you can see in the picture below and ordered them immediately!
However, there are so many good boots out there right now, that I really wanted to share my top selection.

Here it is, I hope you like!

Middle row: ASOS Design, Gestuz, ASOS Design 

Which one is your favorite?? As I said, I ordered the tan ankle booties, but I am also obsessed with the white boots by Raid and how cool are the Lamoda ones with the zipper detail in the back?

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome start to the week!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used in the blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)