Top 5 Winter Scents You Have To Check Out!

All the way back in August I did a post on my Top 5 Summer Fragrances (wow that feels like aaaages ago haha!) and you guys really liked my recommendations!

I am a true perfume fanatic and I do enjoy matching my scents to the current season - which is why I wanted to do a second round of my Top 5 Fragrances: Winter Edition. I go for very sweet and fresh in the summer yet my winter favorites include slightly more heavier and sophisticated scents to really fit the cozier and gloomier days of this season.

So here goes my list, I hope you love it!

I believe the original version of this perfume was released last winter, however they did come out with an updated and - as the name suggests - more intense version, the Tiffany & Co. Intense.
It contains a composition of Iris notes like the original release yet it updates the scent with amber and vanilla - warmer, sexier and perfect for winter, yes please!


Mugler - Alien  -  €95.00/ 60ml 
This scent is definitely an oldie but an oh, so goldie! I have been wearing this for years and years no matter what season and especially for going out yet I feel like during winter time, this scent gives such a great edge to a day to day outfit!
If I had to describe this perfume in one word it would be sexy. Strong notes of Amber and Cashmeran mix with a slightly floral scent - so unique. It is unbelievable long lasting, especially on clothes and the bottle is re-fillable as well! 

Yves Saint Laurant - Black Opium - €54.99/ 50ml
Another classic! This perfume caused a craze when it was released about two years ago and for good reason so! I was not able for the life of me to figure out how to describe this fragrance, but when I researched the notes, it all made sense: coffee beans (yes, you read that right!), Jasmin and Orange Blossom - what a combination! This perfume is unlike anything I've smelled before and definitely one of my winter go-to's especially if I want to feel particularly powerful that day.

Georgio Armani - Sì Passione - €72.99
Georgio Armani Sì is a staple fragrance for countless women out there and they re-launched this cult favorite in a stronger, more intense version. It expands the signature Sì note of Black Currant by deep rose elements and a composition of dark, floral notes. I looove rose scents in the winter time, as they smell floral, but not girly. I actually do not own this one, but tried it at the store already and fell in love!

Jo Malone - Black Cedarwood & Juniper - €53.99/ 30ml
I feel like no winter fragrance list would be complete without a Jo Malone perfume, am I right? The perfect packaging, the luxurious shopping experience and those dreamy scents all fit this cozy season so well! Everytime I am at a store I have to go wild and try out a few of the scents and I think Black Cedarwood & Juniper is my fav for the winter. It smeels homey, cozy and smooth and I just love the combination of those notes!

Which one is your perfume of choice for this winter season?
Leave it in the comments below, I love to find new scent recommendations!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: this blogpost does not contain affiliate links, just trying to help you shop :)