How To Get Back Into Reading Books

At the very end of last year a wrote a blogpost about How To Make New Years Resolutions And Actually Stick To Them and well, one of my personal resolutions for this year was to get back into reading! I wanted to achieve that by specifically reaching the goal of reading one book a month.

So what is my progress so far you ask? So far, so good: I've actually finished my third book this year about a week ago and have already started my fourth - yay!
Btw, I published a Want To Read List not too long ago, check it out for some reading inspo :)

I fell of the book-reading band wagon for a little bit, and I missed it everyday! I am very happy I managed to get back into reading again and wanted to share my tips that helped me pursue this goal right here.

I hope you get inspired!

This seems very very simple, but it is actually the most significant reason that prevents you from starting a book if you really think about it haha! I added to my goal of reading one book per month to order the next book before I actually finished the current one and that works great for me! You could also of course order a few books at a time and then always have a to-read section of books, I really like that option as well. So, wether you like to pick up books in your local store or download them on your e-reader - always keep the next read on hand that you can not wait to dive into!

2. Make Time For Reading
I found this one to be extremely difficult if reading has not been on your agenda for a little while, but actually setting time aside for picking up your book is crucial for making it part of your routine again (same goes for every other habit you would like to develop!). I experienced that "I'll read, when I have some down time" or "I'll read instead of watching TV from now on" did not cut it at all ha! Instead, I am now reading on my train ride to work everyday. Works like a charm for me, as I am continuousily picking up my book twice a day and, most importantly, I am now actually enjoying my commute AND looking forward to it (yes, read that again, I am looking forward to my commute now!!) -  I can not tell you how many times I actually almost missed my stop to get off the train haha!
Other times suitable for reading a chapter or two could be right before going to bed or even while
I think we can all set aside some time for reading a book if we really want to!

3. Find Your Genre
Now, I am all for always branching out and finding new topics to explore and be interested in, but in the end, we all have preferences. Me personally, I love my educational books and motivating self-development reads, however, I do enjoy my lighter, entertaining novels as well. I tried to get into reading thrillers, but that did not really work for me (I think I am too big of a wuss for that haha!). Especially if we are talking about getting back into really enjoying reading again, I think one should start with books that hit your particular interests (which can be an ever changing subject of course). You can always read excerpts of books online or in store to find out wether you would enjoy a particular book. Finding your genre will be of tremendous help to get you into reading again.

4. Get Inspired
 In the past, I've often run into a situation where I wanted to order my next read, but I simply didn't know which one! Amazon is extremely overwhelming to me haha. Book stores are great because the often have sections of best sellers or new releases which can give you a guidelines! However, I find it easiest to just keep a list of books I want to read. I do follow some blogs that talk about good books from time to time and then save interesting book reviews and I also keep a list on my phone full of reading recommendations friends and co-workers mention to me. I very much recommend creating your own want-to-read list of some sort! That way you can always refer back to it whenever you lack inspiration of what to pick up next. Also, I know that there are plenty of book clubs online where you can share your book reviews and inspire others as well!

These are my personal and very simple tips that helped me a lot in getting back into reading. 
What about you? Are you a big reader? Would you like to get back into reading again? Please feel free to leave your tips as well as any book recommendations in the comment section as well - I would love to read those!

Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing weekend!

xx Janine