My Marrakesh Travel Guide

Last month, my boyfriend and I visited Marrakesh for the first time. We stayed four days - and I absolutely fell in love with the city!
Today, I wanted to share my Marrakesh travel guide, as I have a lot of tips to share for you to get the most out of your stay. 
I hope you enjoy!

Where to stay
So, I always tend to book more budget-friendly accommodations to be able to spend more money on actual experiences and getting to see more locations. In Marrakesh we stayed in Airbnbs only. They are very affordable in the city and most of them are amazing! As far as location goes, you want to stay in The Medina, the oldtown of Marrakesh, for that true Moroccain experience and I would advise staying in the southern part of the oldtown, so that you are closer to all the places you want to see. 
Hotels seemed to be quite affordable as well if you want to spend a little bit more, and most of them have a pool, which is really convenient!

When to go
Marrakesh has good weather all year around, it barely rains and the temperatures are mild, even in the winter. We visited in March and the temperatures where about 30 degress Celsius everyday! So, I can only imagine how hot it must get during the summer month, so maybe that is not the best time to travel to Marrakesh! I heard that spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Also, I think that about four days are definitely enough to see the must-go places of the city and to even book a day trip to the mountains or the beach!

What to wear
Now, I am a little bit torn about that point. A friend of mine who went end of last year told me to only pack more modest clothing and that she did feel uncomfortable from time to time just walking around (granted she was traveling with another girlfriend). I have no problem adapting to another culture and believes of a country I've never visited, and Morocco is a Muslim country, so I only packed shirts that covered my shoulders and bottoms that wear at least knee-length. I did not feel uncomfortable once (keep in mind I was traveling with a man though), and I saw a lot of other tourist walking around with pretty much normale Western Europe summer attire. The Morrocains did not seem too concerned by that, so I guess it comes down to your own willingness to adapt to a culture and with whom you travel.

 Where to eat
That is simple: eat aaaalll the food!! Moroccain food is amazing and you definitely need to taste all the different dishes the restaurants carry on their menu. You need to try the traditional Berber dish Tajine as well as all the different starters and appetizers that are sooo flavorful and delicious - I promise you, you'll become addicted! Also, let me tell you, food in Marrakesh is very affordable! Café de France, Café Clock and Café Nomad (everything that starts with 'Café' in Marrakesh is basically a restaurants that serves everything, from breakfast to dinner, from desert to drinks, from meals to snacks...) are great adresses if you want to have more of a 'real' dining experience, meals are between €8 and €14 and in some of these restaurants you can even order alcohol, which alcohol is normally not allowed to consume in a public place in Moroco. However, I'd recommend trying out all of the tiny restaurants and market stalls that are lining the alleys of the Medina. A meal is about €3 or €4, it tastes just as amazing, the chefs are always up for a chat, and you get to sit and eat among the locals, all while watching the busy everyday life in Marrakesh! My favorites were the Patisseries, shops for amaaaaazing sweet baked goods as well as the juice stalls - try a freshly squeezed orange juice blended with milk, mhhhhh!

What to do
There is a ton of amazing places to see and visit in Marrakesh, and most of them you can actually walk to if you stay in the Medina! Most of the sights to visit have an entrance fee of 70 Moroccan dirham, which is just under €7. Here is a list of locations and activities to keep in mind:
  • Take all the photos!   Honestly, Marrakesh is easily the most photogenic city I have every been to - everywhere you turn there is a dreamy garden, a colorful doorway, a gorgeous tile floor,... you name it, Marrakesh has it! So if you are even remotely interested in taking pretty pictures for your blog, Insta or even for your own private photo gallery, take your camera and snap away! 
  • Visit as many gardens as possible!  One of the things I found the most remarkable is Marrakesh's ability to create and mantain the MOST BEAUTIFUL GARDENS ON THIS PLANET! It is even more fascinating if you think about that this city is only a few hours north of the West Saharian desert! I am basically telling you to visit everything that contains the name 'Jardin' haha. My favorites were: 'The Secret Garden', Jardin Majorelle (also known as the 'Yves Saint Laurant garden' as it is home of the YSL museum), the parc around the Koutoubia Mosque.
  •   Visit mosques and palaces! There are a few mosques around the city, some of which non-Muslims are allowed to enter, some of which they are not. Even from the outside these buildings are just spectacular and so so beautiful. Another highlight are Marrakesh's palaces - and definitely amazing for one or two photos! We visited the Bahia palace, and this huge building with it's white tiles and colorful detailing, lays right in the heart of one of the busiest parts of Marrakesh! It's truly like a sanctuary in the city - as well as every Instagrammers dream!
  • Wander the alleys of the Medina! Getting literally lost in the oldtown of Marrakesh is an exciting experience and you will be bombarded with impressions, smells, and every aspect this city has to offer! But carry a phone with GPS with you, as you do not want to actually get lost haha! If you are on the hunt for some bargains or want to buy something as a souvenir, you are also in heaven here as there are hundreds of different stalls and little huts that offer everything you can imagine - be warned though, Morrocans are excellent sales people and WILL sell you everything haha!
     Book a day trip! Marrakesh is starting point for many excursions you can do. You can for example go to the coast and visit places like Essaouira, which is a beautiful little city right at the beach or even go on a Sahara trip! We did not go on a desert trip, as heard that you should be booking at least the 3-day trip, even better the 5-day trip for it to be worth the long drive. Instead we opted for a one day guided excursion to the Atlas mountains, which was absolutely breath-taking. Make sure to compare prices though, as there are huge differences depending on the provider, the location your going to and the mood of the travel guide haha! We booked our excursion on Tripadvisor. We did not do a ton of walking on our trip, however there were some surprisingly steep hiking episodes on this trip, which definitely made for an adventure haha! We ended our hike in a traditional Berber village, where the people were super friendly and provided us with food and drinks and the views from up those high mountains was unbelievably!

      Those were my few words that probably did not even do this amazing country and that oh so beautiful city justice! Still, I hope there were some helpful tips for you in there and of course, in case of any questions I did not cover here, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading!

    xx Janine