My Take On Spring Cleaning

Since spring season is well and truly upon us, a lot of people dive head first into some good ol' spring cleaning - including myself! And with all of this mariekondo-ing (will this actually be ending up as a word in the dictionary one day?) going on everywhere I look, I felt very inspired to begin my very own project Spring Clean 2k19! (lol!)

Now, I have to say, even though I am quite a tidy person and I looove a clean, fresh and organized home (who doesn't to be completely honest), I do not actually like the act of cleaning haha!
My friend says she finds cleaning her home quite therapeutic and does it as part of stress relieving - which is amazing! But not my cup of tea haha!

Still, I managed to adopt quite a few habits over the years that make cleaning not only (the tiiiiiniest bit) enjoyable for me, but also super effective! So here are my personal tips on how to take on a spring clean!

#1: Declutter
Now, this is the part that I actually reeeaally enjoy when it comes to deep cleaning my apartment - getting rid of aaall the clutter and things I don't need! I would say I am pretty good at letting go of things I don't need or want and I am pretty ruthless as well, so decluttering different areas of my home is usually the starting point of cleaning the whole thing top to bottom. You can get rid of unwanted stuff all while saving time not having to tidy up and organizing things you ultimately want to give away anyway. I honestly get a little bit of a kick out of very thorough decluttering - it's so freeing! Also, a freshly cleaned home feels even more amazing when you know there is not stuff hidden away everywhere, clogging up the closets and drawyers haha!

#2: Work in sections
I very much noticed that this tip is completely personal! I know there are people that dedicate a whole day or even a whole weekend to cleaning and barely even take a break to sleep (over-exaggerating to the fullest... or am I??) - but that is not the case for me! I get bored veeery easily (I swear my attention span is about half as long as other people's lol), so for me to really see through a deep spring clean I have to work in sections. Some rooms I will do in one go, my bathroom for example, other rooms, like my bedroom, I definitely have to take on one step after the other. I will for example to the overall cleaning of the room, like I would normally do every week. Then I'll come back and declutter and organize my closet and whiping it all down, maybe the day after I'll clean out and vacuum my drawyers... and so it goes on. I personally do not only think it is less tedious for me, but it is also way more effective, as I do not start to slack on being very precise with organizing and cleaning if I work in smaller sections and take breaks in between.

#3: Make it fun!
If you are anything like me, you'll read 'Make it fun!' and think: is this b*** kidding me? But actually, this is probably the most important point for someone that does not enjoy cleaning. Make the process fun, whether that is putting on loud and motivating music, watching a show on Netflix, listening to a Podcast, talking to a friend or your mum on the phone or even planning to reward yourself after sucessfully finishing your spring clean with ordering pizza for dinner (something I actually do all the time haha!)! The other day I actually made a huge bowl of sliced mango that I snacked on while decluttering my kitchen cabinets and a few weeks ago, I played the Spotify 'Fuego' playlist (if you know, you know) while cleaning my windows haha! But trust me, it works and time flies while you're getting your spring cleaning done!

Last but not least I wanted to share a little list of things that I always include in my spring cleaning action that are usually overlooked easily when cleaning your apartment: 
  • Clean out your pantry and kitchen cabinets (sooo liberating!)
  • Clean out your fridge (so necessary!) 
  • Go through things like your cutlery, plates, mugs and pots and pans and examine wether you have to replace anything
  • Empty out and whipe down all drawyers, cabinets, shelves etc.
  • Examine things like bedding, sheets, towels etc. and think about wether to replace anything
  • Deep clean your rugs and carpets!
  • Do the same for comforters and any blankets around your home.
  • Go through your cleaning supplies - anything you are missing or need to replace soon?
  • Think about putting some of your more seasonal clothes and accessories into storage until the next season.
  • Whip out some room scents or scented candles.
  • Put some fresh flowers on display!

Of course these are just some points that came to my mind while writing this post, but there's many more!

Feeling motivated to spring clean your home yet? How do you go about deep cleaning your space, any tips you can add to my list? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

 Thanks for stopping by and reading!

 xx Janine