The Best Jeans Shorts You Need For Summer!

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I don't know about you guys, but I personally find it extremely hard to shop for denim!
Which is why if I find some amazingly fitting jeans or shorts I basically go around and tell everybody about them haha!

That is what happened with these jeans shorts by River Island. They are more of a girlfriend fit and not too short - I hate it when shorts are too short or very tight, makes me a little bit uncomfortable now that I am no longer in my early 20's anymore haha.

The best thing about them is the elasticated waistband (YES, you read that correctly, an.elasticated.waistband!!) plus you can further pull in the paperbag waist with the denim belt. This is suuuper figure flattering in my opinion, it makes your waist appear tiiiiny and also adds some really cute detail to the shorts.

Overall those shorts are super comfortable and easy to wear, I can see myself wearing these all summer long on repeat! They come in four different colors (I think the army green is suuuuper cute as well, I am actually considering picking them up!)

Some other cute shorts I like: 

What is something you recently purchased that will be a closet staple for you??

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xx Janine

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