Why You Need A Bodysuit In Your Summer Wardrobe

I have to admit it: I've only started getting into bodysuits this spring and now I am honestly wondering... Why has nobody told me before that they are the most versatile and practical clothing item of all time and that I absolutely need some in my wardrobe??

Hahah, no, but in all honesty, I basically discovered that bodysuits are amazing and here are my top three reasons why:

#1: They go with absolutely everything
A simple black bodysuit serves as a staple piece to build countless outfits around. You can pair them with jeans, dress pants, maxi skirts, leather leggings, even bodycon mini skirts - flowy or tight-fitting, casual or smart - you name it, the bodysuit makes it possible for you. I have worn mine so much already, I can actually not tell anybody haha, but no one notices: wear it with a blazer for a great office outfit, with a sparkling skirt for going out, or with mom jeans and a cardigan to run errands during the day - I've said it before and I will say it again: a bodysuit is the most versatile clothing piece in your wardrobe, I promise!

#2: Tucking in has never been easier
We all love to tuck in our shirts, whether you tuck in a white shirt into your high waisted pants for a smart look, or loose tuck in your top on one side of your jeans. Now, because a bodysuit closes between your legs and therefore fits quite tight to your body around the waist belt area, tucking in your shirt has never been easier, plus you do not have to worry about anything coming un-tucked! Pro tip: look for bodysuits that close up with buttons at the lower end, as that makes going to the bathroom oh so much easier haha! 

#3: They come in every style you can imagine
Long gone are the days when bodysuits were solely ballet-style ultra-tight black basics. They now come in all types of different styles! From flowy blouses, to fun patterns, to cool fabrics and stylish necklines - there is absolutely a style for everyone!  

Are you a fan of the bodysuit already?

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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