Affordable Ways To Rock This Years Summer Trends!

Following trends isn't always exactly the most affordable thing to do, especially in times like these, where trends seem to emerge and disappear on the daily! I am not one to follow every single trend out there anyway, which is why I picked out 5 fun summer trends to try out this season - along with affordable fashion pieces to achieve that look!

I hope you enjoy!

Acid Wash
I am weirdly excited about this trend, because it reminds me of my childhood haha! No, but seriously, I definitely owned a pair of acid wash skinny jeans in grade 5 or 6... Crazy to think that this trend is back! And I actually really really do love the look! The skinny jeans have been replaced with straight leg and more baggy cuts, but the wash is definitely straight out of the 2000s!

Bold Prints 
Bold prints have come to the forefront of our summer wardrobes for the past couple of years now, but this season things are taken even further by mixing and matching different clashing prints! While I have to be honest here and happily leave that trend to the bravest of fashion girls out there, I stick to one statement piece in a bold print and pair it with a neutral outfit! No matter how you style it, those clothing items just make you happy!

Living Coral 
'Living coral' is the official color of the year 2019 and it is the absolute perfect summer color! There are sooo many cute coral clothing pieces in the shops right now, I actually had a hard time narrowing down my selection. I feel like this is a color that suits so many different skintones and that is definitely wearable on a number of occasions. Added bonus: it makes you look more tan, ha!

Can we even beliiieve that tie-dye is actually back?? Like, who would have ever thought! I actually think that tie-dye is so, so cool and I am pretty happy that it made a comeback. You do definitely have to pay some attention as to what to style it with, but if done right, it's such a cool statement look! Your thoughts?

 Cargo Pants
And another one straight out of my childhood - cargo pants! I am honestly living for all these throwbacks this season you guys haha!! This is probably one of the more wearable trends and also so so comfy. Maybe not something for the office, but cargo pants definitely make for a cool weekend style.

Which one of these trends are you rocking this season? Which one do you like, but would not wear?? I personally can not wait to jump on the acid wash jeans and tie-dye trend - maybe not in that combination hahaha, but very excited to style those trends!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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