10 Pieces To Start Building Your Fall Wardrobe

I have to admit - I can not wait for fall weather to arrive. There, I said it, I said it! 
I am such a summer child, I love the warm weather, mild nights and fun activities suited for this season, however, when it comes to getting dressed for the heat, I am often lost, lol. 
Am I the only one?

So, now that the end of summer is quickly approaching and my favorite retailers are already stocking so many cute fall clothing pieces, I am getting quite excited to start putting together my fall wardrobe! And as that can sometimes be a bit challenging, I wanted to provide you with a list - some even call it capsule wardrobe -  of absolute key items you can start building your fall outfits with.

I hope you like it!

#1: Outerwear
The best part about fall weather? Correct, layering! I am pretty much married with my leather jackets in the fall season - super versatile, looks good with everything (everrrything!) and still won't give me heat flashes on the train! I own several, but you only need two: a classic black biker jacket and a more feminine cut lighter one. It's also fun to change it up with the material and maybe go for a suede!

Another outerwear piece that is perfect for when the weather starts to cool down a little bit is a trench coat! It's often times light weight, is practical and most importantly elevates any outfit in a second!

#2: Cardigans  
I still remember when cardigans were deemed granny-ish, haha, I personally think they are the best thing ever! Perfect to throw over when it is not quite cold enough for a proper jacket or the best match to layer with when it's actually starting to cool down. I also love how they come in so many styles, colors, patterns and prints that there will for sure be something for everyone.

#3: Leather Pants
Nothing screams fall to me like a pair of faux leather pants! I absolutely love the look they give, they seem a little bit more edgy, sexy yet feminine and can completely transform an outfit. I always pay particular attention to fit, stretch and comfort when shopping for leather pants! I personally own these and absolutely love them to pieces - they honestly feel like I am wearing leggings!

#4: Layering Tops
 Layering tops are a staple item in my fall wardrobe! They allow you to adapt to the temperatures that can be quite unpredictable throughout the day and form the basis for whatever cute layer you decide to throw over top. Nothing beats a cute lace trim cami and a huge oversized cardigan with sleek skinny jeans (that is pretty much my fall uniform!).

#5: Jeans
 No fall post without jeans in my book, haha! I am such a denim kinda girl and fully make use of wearing all kinds of jeans in the colder seasons. I own several pairs in different cuts, washes and styles and like to change it up with distressed pairs as well.

#6: Lightweight Knits
A good quality lightweight knit is the easiest way to look put together and polished in the fall season! Again, they come in a number of different styles, but I would absolutely go for more neutral tones to give the outfit a more elevated look and play it up with colored accessories if desired.

#7: Button-ups
 Another piece that is key in any fall wardrobe: the good ol' button-up shirt! Whereas I am personally not the biggest fan of the classic checked one, there are various more neutral styles out there that are perfect for the office or styled in a more relaxed way for everyday wear.

#8: Dresses and Skirts
 Dresses and skirts are probably not the first category that comes to mind when thinking about the colder seasons ahead. However, I absolutely loooove styling them with ankle booties! Think a feminine floral print midi dress with a pair of buckle booties or a figure-hugging corduroy mini skirt with elongating heeled boots. I recently got this skirt from H&M and I will for sure wear it all throughout the months ahead!

#9: Booties 
 I can not wait to whip out all of my ankle booties and boots for fall! I usually go for a heeled pair, because I like the extra height, and I love the little boost of confidence they give me as opposed to my summer time flats. 

#10: Accessories 
And lastly, fall accessories! I quite like dressing up a simple outfit with a scarf, it instantly makes it look more put together, but I definitely also want to dabble into wearing hats this season! Also, whereas in the summer I like small shoulder bags, I usually opt for my bigger totes in the fall months.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

xx Janine

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