A $25 Transitional Cardigan You Absolutely Need This Season!

Happy Thursday you guys!

I am already in the process of building my wardrobe all while we are experiencing just another heatwave here in Germany, haha! However, you already notice how the nights are a lot milder than they were when summer was in full swing and anticipating the upcoming cooler temps, I am looking for transitional pieces that I can wear now without a jacket over them and later as a layering piece.

I decided to browse Amazon Fashion on a whim one night and wanted to order a piece just to test the waters as I had never ordered from Amazon before. I found this adorable knitted cardigan for under $30 and I knew it was a keeper from the moment it arrived!

With its knitted texture this cardigan will not give you hot flashes when wearing it in this confusing transitional weather, however it does have a substantial weight to it and feels very good quality-wise.

I absolutely adore the color of this Amazon cardigan, it's the perfect muted dusty pink and a great neutral shade without going with black, white or shades of brown.

The best part?? It's only $25!
I would definitely recommend you go and check it out, ordering from Amazon is free and super quick as well.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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