Fall Trend: Suit-up!

Now, I would say I dress pretty casually on a day-to-day basis with the occasional dust of edginess or tomboy-ness thrown into the mix.

But I do love keeping up with trends and - most importantly - having fun with fashion, which is why I do enjoy getting out of my comfort zone from time to time and try out a trend that I makes me almost feel 'dressed up'!

Every since last winter I've noticed a lot of retailers coming out with suits or matching pants and blazers sets and I instantly fell in love with the look. Over the summer the trend seemed to have cooled down a bit (with the temperatures being not so cool, haha), but I now see the power suit coming up again - on Instagram, in the magazines and in 'real life'.

And this fall I finally want to dabble into this style as well! Here is my first ever suit I picked up, in this gorgeous gorgeous muted blush pink color that looks almost peachy in certian lights.
My suit is from Asos (of course, haha) and this is the exact blazer I got and these are the pants. I got the blazer in a 36, because I wanted a slightly oversized look because that's what I prefer and got the pants in my usual size 36 as well.

Not only is this suit super affordable, but I love how it would work for a corporate setting and for your days off as well! Think pairing it with white sneakers (my absolut go-to haha!) and a loose fitting tee. Both pieces work perfectly on their own as well, I just recently wore the pants without the blazer and just with a blouse, as it was a little warm on that day. And I can not wait to wear that pretty blazer with my ripped up jeans and ankle boots for a fun evening out!

I paired the blazer here in these photos with a black lace cami - I absolutely love that look! - but plan on wearing it to the office with a simple black tee. I also love love love how that color goes with my new snakeskin heels, I would have not really thought about pairing these two together!

Shop my look:

So, what do you think?? Do you like this look and would you try out wearing a suit, be it for a work meeting or event or casual-ed down with sneakers?

Let me know your thoughts!

xx Janine

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