My Fall 2019 Shopping Wishlist

Happy Thursday you guys, how are you??

I have been extremely busy lately with work, my thesis and life in general - however, I always prefer having too much to do in a day than feelin like not doing enough with my time... is that just me? Anyone else feeling like that?

Anyway, today I took time to sit down and thoroughly examine what is missing from my fall wardrobe and I curated a list of which clothing items I am looking to purchase for the upcoming season. I hope you enjoy!

H&M is amazing for sweaters and knitwear in general! I found this shorter leopard print one that I think is so so cute and that I will definitely get a ton of wear out of as well as this fine knit sweater that is only 20 bucks (!!!), comes in a variety of colors and I promise that it is super soft - I owned a versions of this from a couple of years ago and literally wore it to death, haha! Definitely contemplaiting buying a few colors of this one, what do you think?

I really wanted a light coat for the upcoming colder seasons, because I do tend to wear a lot of darker colors. I like the classic shape of this one and how I can imagine it will elevate any outfit!

I am such a jeans kinda girl and I can imagine these ligher wash mom jeans to look amazing with ankle booties becuase of their cropped lenght! The tone of color will work great with the color palette that I usually tend to wear during fall time as well. 

One of my favorite blogger Maria of Mia Mia Mine has been styling two particular leather skirts a lot lately and I am absolutely obsessed with the outfits she comes up with! So I blatantly decided to copy those haha. First step: order this cool black leather skirt with zipper detail!

 To be completely honest, if I were a shoe, I'd probably be a heeled ankle bootie! I just can't get enough of them and how AMAZING is this Topshop pair?? The heel is so unique and definitely a statement, yet the overall style of the boot is so classic and sleek - such a winner! This item is trending right now, so be quick before it sells out!

I love accessorizing with scarves when it is cold enough outside, I think they can really complete an outfit, especially since sometimes big coats can look a bit plain if actually buttoned up! This one is the perfect shade of grey that goes with a lot!

What is on your fall shopping list this year? Anything you think I am missing on mine?
Let me know in the comments!

xx Janine