5 Blogposts That Have Inspired Me Recently... And Why!

I personally love reading blogs.

It is the one medium that I have consistently used for content consumption for years and years now, whereas I got tired pretty quickly of other platforms or go through "phases" with them.
I think it's because when reading a blogpost, I really take the time to just do that - read that blogpost.
So, while I put on Youtube videos sometimes in the background while doing tasks around the apartment, listening to Stories while getting ready and scrolling through Instagram on the train on my way to work, I just pause my stressful everyday life to sit down, grab a cup of coffee or tea and catch up on my favorite blogs.

Which is probably why those written words stick with me and inspire me the most!

Today I wanted to share 5 blogposts that have particularly inspired me in one way or another the last couple of weeks - and if you do not yet follow these bloggers, you should absolutely do! :)

#1 The 10 Piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe via Mia Mia Mine 
I can not begin to tell you how many times Maria Vizuete from Mia Mia Mine basically saved my life styling-wise haha! Not to be overly dramatic, but this girl has an amazing sense of style! I adore her wardrobe and 9 times out of 10 I absolutely want to go and buy every item of an outfit she is wearing.
This particular blogpost stood out to me, because this 10 piece capsule wardrobe for fall is just so carefully curated and put together with so much thought - it really is super helpful! If you are a little bit lost at the start of a new season - like I am! - go check out this blogpost by Maria!

#2 Outfit Of The Day via HelloOctober 
Suzie Bonaldi from HelloOctober has recently started posting to her blog again more regularly and turned it into more of a lookbook with shop-able outfit posts that are very visual. And exactly that inspired me to incorporate more lookbook-type posts into my blog as well, because sometimes, I think that a blogpost needs to be a wonderfully written, numerous photos containing, edited to a T piece -whereas it is all about expressing yourself. 
And while Suzie is an inspiration to me on so many different levels, I love how she is bringing some more 'realness' back into this blogging-business! 

 #3 Quick + Healthy Breakfast Bowl Recipe via B.Y.O. Beauty
 Now, I am a pretty new follower to B.Y.O. Beauty by Courtney Shields, who I first discovered on Instagram - go follow her, she's just overall amazing, style-wise, content-wise, humour-wise, just such a babe! But I am seriously impressed how this boss lady seems to do it all and manages to publish quality content that really helps and inspires!
I have shared numerous times here that I am not the best chef an absolute noob in the kitchen, so I like following easy yet healthy recipes that are basically presented to me on a silver platter haha. So happened with this breakfast bowl recipe by Courtney - it is now an absolute staple in my breakfast repertoire!

#4 A Step-by-Step Guide To A Great Skincare Routine via Brooklyn Blonde 
I am fully aware that you all probably follow Brooklyn Blonde by Helena Glazer, but just.in.case. you have not yet read her latest blogpost, a skincare routine guide, click off this blogpost right here, right now and go read it haha! She just published it a few days ago, yet it is super duper helpful, because Helena really knows her skincare! I especially loved the paragraph about how she uses vitamin c serums in the morning rather than at night.
Her skincare posts regularly inspire me to take better care of my skin and really put more effort into keeping it healthy and young looking - she always stresses how important anti-aging products are even at a younger age!
 #5 Why You Don't Have To Wear A Dress To Your Wedding via InTheFrow
It comes to no surprise that I am a major fan of my all time favorite blogger Victoria Magrath from InTheFrow! I even wrote a review on her book The New Fashion Rules, that you can read here, if you want to.
Victoria featured a lot of content about her recent wedding festivities on her blog over the last weeks and while I am nowhere near to getting married anytime soon, this particular post about why you do not have to wear a DRESS to your wedding really stuck with me - first, that jumpsuit is absolutely dreamy, second, what a great way to not only show your personality and personal style, but to also let female power shine through!

What are some blogposts that inspired you recently and why? What are your favorite blogs that you go to for inspiration and motivation?

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine