5 Styles Of Faux Leather Pants To Buy This Season

Faux Leather Leggings in Tan from H&M - $24.99 - they come in three other colors as well! 

Faux Leather pants are a firm staple in my fall wardrobe! Not only are they a timeless classic and look super trendy yet chic, but they also work for the office, for daytime errands and all the way into happy hour on the weekends (or on some weekdays... we deserve it, right?).
If you get the right pair and look for quality they also tend to be warmer than jeans and very comfortable! It has been all about the leather skinny or leggings the past seasons, however, there are so many other amazing styles out right now that I so badly wanted to share here! I also tried to include something for every budget in each category, so I hope that there is something for everybody :)

1. The Skinny Leather Pants

First and foremost, the skinny style of leather pants is a true fall and winter staple and truly goes with so much! I pretty much style them like jeans, you do not have to put that much thought into it at all.

2. The Leather Leggings

Another item that has been around for years is the good ol' leather legging! A casual version of the leather pant, yet more chic than it's made-out-of-cotton cousin (lol) makes it extremely comfy and I just wish I could wear them day in and day out. They work great with oversized sweaters!

3. The Leather Joggers

A style that has been popping up more and more in the shelves of my favorite retailers over the past year or so is the leather jogger! A combo that a few years ago I probably would not have even imagined, but I am suuuper obsessed with the style! What do you think - yay or nay?

4. The Leather Culottes
Creeping our way up to the, let's say, more advanced variations of wearing the leather pants trend: leather culottes! I recently ordered a pair myself and can not wait to style it! The look is super cool when done right, they require a bit more thought-input though in my opinion.

5. Colored Leather Pants

A trend that I myself have just recently dabbled into is colored leather pants! I ordered the pair of tan leather leggings from H&M in the picture above (they are only $25!) and love them so much, they are so fun to plan outfits around! I also really love khaki colored leather pants - might get those as well...

Thanks for stopping by and reading! 

xx Janine

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