My First Ever Shein Try-On Haul!

Hello you guys!

So, I have been shopping - shocking, I know :D - but this time I tried a retailer that I have never purchased from before, but really wanted to try out. Well, my order came the other day and let me tell you I was SHOOK (lol): The majority of the pieces are SO good!

A friend over on Instagram told me that Shein items are very much hit or miss, so I did not have super high expectations to be completely honest. However, with this order I massively lucked out, because I am keeping almost everything!

Keep scrolling to see my complete haul (caution: it's picture heavy lol) and I also linked the items for your convenience if you want to purchase them (I highly recommend some of these items, so read my two cents below each picture!), and no, they are not affiliate links. Happy shopping!

striped shirt, wearing S, faux suede skirt, wearing S
Now, this was easily one of my favorite looks from this haul! Striped shirt was super comfy, not see-through at all - I would roll up the sleeves and the neckline a bit though because of the raw seems. Skirt is thin! It is buttery soft though and very comfy, fit was great, but definitely not something to battle the cold in haha! Over all, would recommend!

Cute basic striped button, I adore the button detailing! Nothing special though, I feel like there are better sweaters exactly like this on the market :)

Plaid skirt, wearing S, Grey knitted sweater, wearing S
This plaid skirt with wrap detailing is an absolut MUST-HAVE! Trust me on this one, it looks way more expensive than it is, the material and lining is thick and well made, and the detail is gorgeous!! Go and get it now! :) The grey sweater is super cute, I liked how slouchy it is and how you can wear it over one shoulder. It does come with fun fuzzy arm thingies that you can put on the sleeves, but I prefered the look without it :)

This is one item I will be returning as it is just a little different from what I expected :D It definitely looked like jacket (and was named so) on the Website, but it is quite a thin corduroy shirt, which is still a great look! It was cute for a shirt, but I wasn't exactly looking for that, so would not recommend it to wear as outerwear.

Now back to something I am absolutely head over heels for - just look at that detailing on the sleeves!! *hearteyes* This was again marketed as a coat, however, this is definitely thin enough to be worn as a cardigan in the winter! I really adore it, it's super cute :) The arms are a bit cropped though, so if you are taller, they might be to short for you and you are obviously not really able to roll them up.

Low-cut sweater, wearing S
Now, I have to admit, I solely got this sweater for a good Instagram photo in mind haha! :) However, it is super cute! It's soft, slouchy and the color is amazing - it is reeeaallly cut-out though! Would not recommend this to wear on a day to day basis I must admit, but for a fun statement top it's amazing!

Striped sweater, wearing S
Another must-have!! This striped sweater is super cute, how amazing are those colors? The fit is also nice and it is super soft and snuggly - LOVE!

That is it for my haul, what do you think?
Overall, I was reeeaally impressed with the quality and fit of most of these pieces! The prices are unbeatable and the clothes are super stylish and cute, #notspon haha!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine