5 Tips For A Successful Wardrobe Clear-Out And Re-Organizing!

Hello you guys!

Are you in the mood to completely clear out your wardrobe and get stuff really, reeeaally organized or is that just me?? I like organizing in general, but my wardrobe is an area that I often times just give up on lol. However, I am super motivated to start this new year with a fresh closet including a well thought out selection of clothes. Which is why I wanted to share my top 5 tips for clearing out your wardrobe! Keep reading if that is something that you plan on doing as well.

#1: Pull everything out!
Everybody likes to go through their closet and clean out things differently, however, one tip that I ALWAYS found made the biggest different in the organizing process is actually pulling the whole content of your closet out - yes, everything! I usually utilize my bed for storing my clothes while I go through them haha. But just actually seeing everything at once and in one place can often times already point you in the right direction of where you can possibly cut down in your wardrobe - this time for me it is definitely my 'comfy, cozy' clothes that I only ever wear when absolutely nobody sees me, because they are definitely not cute at all haha. Also, give your closet a good throughout clean while it's empty!

#2: Divide into summer and winter wardrobe
Now, for some people this might be common sense, but for me personally not having that many clothes to begin with, I never really saw the point in dividing into summer and winter wardrobe. Turns out it makes a huge difference! When you store/ pack/ move your summer clothes out of sight during the colder season, I feel that your wardrobe can be way better curated and you can style outfits more easily without getting distracted from clothes you won't be wearing in that season anyway. I dedicate one smaller section of my closet to my out-of-season clothes and then change it around once the season changes. I would also suggest doing this before actually getting rid of clothes as of course you will not have worn that frilly little summer dress for the past like 6 months (unless you are living in a year round warm climate, which in that case: JEALOUS!).

#3: Declutter... but be smart about it!
Here comes the tricky part. I know many people on the Internet tell you to be quite ruthless when it comes to letting go of clothes and just cut down on the amount of stuff we have - and I agree... to a certain extent. I am quite cut throat with decluttering as it is and I personally have given away clothing items that I actually regretted or missed later, which then led to just another purchase that could have been forgone. So, be smart about it! Say, you have a couple of pairs of plain blue jeans, but you only reach for your fav two pairs anyway - absolutely get rid of the rest, you don't need them! But if you want to give away something more unique or an item you only have one of in your closet, really think about why you want to. In my opinion, only give it away if it is too small/ too big, you don't wear it because you just don't like how the item makes you feel/ look or if it is very worn down looking (even then you might be able to save it though!). If you want to give it away because you don't know how to style it, hold on a second and try to make a conscious effort to find a way to actually do so! If you don't wear it because you think it is too bold/ colorful/ not your style/ not in your comfort zone - at least give it a try! I promise you, sometimes the items I have never worn for those exact reasons have become absolutey favorites styled and worn the right way!

#4: Think of a system for your closet
And by that I mean do not just put everything on hangers and color coordinate it haha. Think about how you want your closet to be layed out. The two drawers in the bottem left corner - perfect for workout wear, casual clothes and underwear, but can also store T-Shirts and knitwear in a very space efficient way. Hang your tops on the left side of the bar and the cardigans and blazers on the right, that way you know exactly where to look and go when getting dressed. Are there items that go especially well together or an accessorie, say a belt, that you always just wear with that particular dress, pair them on one hanger together - Putting together outfits in your closet already works really well in my opinion! Also, maybe an unpopular opinion, but I am not a fan of color coordinating at all. Instead, I group my items in categories - shirts, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, blazers, pants, dresses, etc. - because that is actually really practical. Pro tip: definitely get the exact same hangers for all of your clothes, it makes a world of a difference with the overall tidyness of your closet!

#5: Keep it organized!
The hardest part haha - you feel me?? I do struggle with keeping my closet organized I am not even going to lie here, however, there are some quick tips I do that somewhat at least help me with that! First, I don't ever put clothes back into my closet when I am in a rush. I typically just throw them over a stool that is conveniently next to my closet (haha) and then I put them back inside and into their correct spot before going to bed - just make sure you do that every night! Also, whenever I am adding new clothing items into my wardrobe I always put them where their dedicated spot is - and then clean up surrounding items as I am organizing a tiny bit anyway.

And that's it!

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on my tips, if you apply any of these and especially if you have any tricks that changed the way your closet organizing process goes - definitely share those!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine


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