Pinspiration: Getting Organized

Happy New Year you guys!

This is officially my first blogpost of the new year - of this new decade, which is so crazy! - and I thought what better topic to cover today than sharing some inspiration on how to really get organized.

Clearing out, decluttering and organizing go hand in hand with the beginning of a new year for me. Starting out with a fresh and tidy space in different areas of my life really sets me up to start the upcoming year successfully. Of course I turned to Pinterest for some major organizational hacks and inspiration.

I tried to focus on areas I find particularly difficult to get and keep organized, like my shoe-drobe, my kitchen shelves and finding pretty storage for things that I keep in the bathroom. I hope these pictures inspire you to get up and start organizing!

If you click on the link below the pin you can get to the original source and click through to great websites and blogposts with amazing hacks and tips - happy organizing!

Do you like really organizing basically your whole life at the start of a new year? 
If so, where do you like to start - and what are some areas that will just never be fully tidy (for me that's all my charging cords - where do the thousands of them even come from?).

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine