Statement Interior Pieces To Elevate Your Home Instantly!

With everyone being more or less stuck at home right now, I've found myself putting in some real effort to make my space as cozy and pretty as possible! I ordered some new decor pieces for example, that make working on my desk each day that little bit more enjoyable and I completely transformed the look of the bookshelves in my living room as a fun little Sunday afternoon project!

But there are those gorgeous interior pieces that are a little bit more statement and can really give your rooms a completely new look all while also inspiring us to update our interior style to go along with it.

Here are some amazing interior pieces that I just found to beautiful not to share!
A lot of these are on sale at home24 at the moment, so don't miss out!

Coffetable Katori I 

Hanging Mirror Icon 2-piece set 

Floor Lamp Tripod Iver  

Shaggy Carpet Opus

Ladder Shelf Dilbert I

What are some interior pieces you recently added to your home?

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: affiliate links have been used in this blogpost.