How To Monetize Your Social Media Content Using Stylink!

If you are a small blogger like me and don't have that 10k Instagram following quiiiite yet, you would know how hard it can be to get noticed in the Blogger-sphere!

Now, I personally feel like that especially smaller bloggers or Instagramers put so much work and effort into their content, yet algorithms make it incredibly hard to grow your Social Media channels, be able to get noticed by brands and monetize your postings!

I have looked into a lot of networks that promise you to be able to make a compensation from your recommendations, which - let's be real here - it would be nice to make at least some kind of money from your Social Media channels with the countless hours we put into them, am I right? ;) However, a lot of these networks really do favor bloggers with a big following, may that be in an application process, the amount you can actually earn, or how they will further share your content.

And that was when I discovered Stylink!

Stylink is an influencer network that is based on a PPC ("pay-per-click") concept, which means you get a very small compensation for affiliate links that your followers and subscribers click on. In turn that also means you do not have to rely on a huge following that actually makes a purchase, but you get rewarded for putting in time, sharing your favorites and having a like-minded following, that is interested in the things you recommend!

I have been using Stylink exclusively to monetize my own Social Media content for a while now and I am very much convinced! It works like a charm and I really love how Stylink does not discriminate against smaller influencers :)

Let me talk you through why Stylink is so great:

1. It is super easy to register!

This was what convinced me to use Stylink right away! After having no real luck or success applying for OR using other networks, the setting up process for your Stylink profile is so so easy: You just register right here on their Website (all you really need is an Instagram page) and you can start sharing affiliate links right away! No lengthy application process, no minimum requirements and no big Social Media following needed!

2. It works on all of your Social Media platforms!

Stylink markets itself to monetize your Instagram and your Youtube pages, however, you can really use it for any platform you want to share affiliate links on! I personally use it on my blog, my Twitter and my Pinterest and the PPC concept tracks your data back to your Stylink profile.

3. It is so straightforward to use!

Another thing I absolutely adore about Stylink is how user-friendly their Website and how easy the creation of an affiliate link actually is! As I said, you just register and you are able to start sharing links right away. To do that, you just go to the Website of one of Stylinks many partner Websites and find an item you would like to share with your followers. Let's say I want to share an affiliate link for these Topshop mules:

You then just put the https-link of that item into the Stylink Linkmaker and hit "Create Recommendation Link":

Et voilĂ  :)
You can copy your link and start sharing it!

I hope this was helpful for my fellow small creators out there trying to monetize their content :)
Now, go over to Stylink, register and start earning your money - then come back and thank me later! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: this blogpost uses affiliate links - created with Stylink ;)