Things I'm Loving Recently

 Today I wanted to start a new series on my blog as I was super inspired by Lauren Kay Sims Random Things I'm Loving Recently blogpost!

I feel like I am such a creature of habit haha, and even though I tried numerous times to include monthly favorites into my blogpost rotation, I certainly never felt like I had enough favorite NEW things to write about! With this blogpost, I just want to share with you little bits I am enjoying currently - that could be beauty, skincare, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between :)

So, I hope you enjoy this post and please let me know your current favorites in the comments below!

1. H&M Tie Belt Camel Coat


I got this camel coat at H&M two years ago already and every fall since then I have been absolutely obsessed with it over again! I think the style and fit is just absolute perfekt, it's not too bulky or warm so I don't overheat on my daily commute on the train haha, yet it does an amazing job at making me face the colder weather, even when I am not quite ready for it lol! H&M has been re-releasing it every fall so far and it is an absolute steal at only $59.99!

2. Netflix: Emily In Paris


I know, I know - everyone and their dog has been talking about this Netflix show recently, hahah, but it really is so good! It is about an American girl who becomes an expat at a Marketing agency in Paris and has to face quite the cultural shock haha! I really do like the main character, as I can actually quite relate to her from a profession point of you, but mostly this show is just super light-hearted, very funny and full to the brim with stereotypes about French and the Parisian lifestyle - with my boyfriend being French, this show is such a treat to watch, as we find SO MANY things in there to be absolutely and 100% correct, haha! A definite must-watch - oh, and the fashion and the HANDBAGS are amazing!


3. St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse



With fall definitely having arrived with a bang over here in Germany and the sun being a rather rare visitor these days, I can now officially say that I lost every last bit of my summer tan - which I could not be more sad about to be honest! Now, thank god for self tanner, haha! I've been using this one by Saint Tropez for many years now and found it to be the absolute best so far. It's quite foolproof, which is always a plus lol, and I like how evenly it fades. The pricepoint is also great compaired to some other self tanner brands out there!


4. Food: Homemade Granola


Lately, I have been obsessed with doing my own granola! It is actually super easy and fast, and I like how I can prepare it in bulk and than have it ready to go for breakfast every morning throughout the week. This is the recipe I always use, yet I change up the ingredients and toppings depending on my mood and - not gonna lie here - what's actually in my kitchen at that given moment, haha! You have to try out baking your own granola, if you haven't already!

5. Reads: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley

I am absolutely obsessed with the books by Lucinda Riley, to me she is one of the most talented authors out there with the way she is able to bring this whole other world to live and makes you dive into a story that at first glance you can't relate to much at all! I read the whole Seven Sisters series and absolutely fell in love with those books and I am currently almost done reading The Orchide House, which follows a very similar pattern to the Seven Sisters series. Lucinda Rileys books are not only entertaining, but they teach you something about history, monumental events, different countries and culture. Highly, highly recommend if you are into reading novels!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!


xx Janine

Disclaimer: this blogpost contains affiliate links.