3 Ways To Style White Combat Boots

 white combat boots


If you have been following my blog or my Instagram for any amount of time really, haha, then you know that I am definitely a sucker for statement shoes. Boots and sneakers are my thing all year around, but when I saw these uber chunky white combat boots on Asos, I had to add to cart immediately! 

Though I absolutely love the look of them and can't wait to wear them all season long, I definitely had to take a moment to assess how I wanted to wear them and with which outfits I think these look best - because they are definitely not one of those easy grab-and-go pair of boots! And that's the reason why today I wanted to share three different ways to style white combat boots to maybe serve some style inspo for you.

As always, I'll be linking the exact items worn under each photo!

1. All black edgy



When I first ordered the white combat boots, this is basically exactly how I envisioned styling them - super grungy with an all black edgy look! As the boots are quite skinny on the ankle and calf, I feel like these distressed skinny jeans really work well with them tucked in. I also paired the look here with this suuuper cute teddy aviator by JDY, which is such a steal and comes in tan as well!

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2. With a mini skirt


 I am a big fan of pairing chunky combat boots with mini skirts (pro tip: they make your legs look skinnier!) and the white combats are no exception! Both the skirt and the sweater are recent finds from Mango actually! I picked up this wrap mini leather skirt and it's one of my favorite new things in my wardrobe - seriously, SO cute! I then paired it with this off white oversized sweater which is sooo snuggly and soft to really balance out the silhouette. Unexpected, but oh so stylish combo!


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  3. Jeans + T-Shirt Combo!


And last but not least, I wanted to show that a good jeans and t-shirt look really works with anything, haha! I thought these straight leg, raw hem jeans would be great to actually wear over the boots, as they are quite cropped and I really like how the white combats are peeking out! My pair is a few years old, but here is a similar one. T-shirt with shoudler pads are all the rage right now, and while I am not quite confident with spending that $$$ on the Frankie Shop shirts, this one is quite a good dupe! I love that muted rose color for fall and winter.


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Which of these looks is your fav?

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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  1. I loooove this trend for Winter, I am so here for chunky boots with everything. I love this style guide, it's given me some great ideas!