Personalized Gift Ideas For The Holidays

I am that type of person that loooves to give gifts... but is not particularly good at it, haha! I'll be the first to admit it, thinking of gift ideas for loved ones is not something that comes naturally to me. However, this means that I often times plan ahead and start my gift buying early, browsing retailers, blogs and gift guides, to get organized with my holiday purchases for family and friends. 

And this year I wanted to curate some gift guides myself! These are supposed to be easy, no fuss and affordable gift guides for if you are maybe in a bit of a rut on what to give for the holidays this year. 

Let's start with beautiful personalized gift ideas that are not only affordable, but surely bring a smile to the person chosen to receive them. Most of these are from Etsy by the way, which is my first stop whenever I am on the lookout for something unique and custom.

I hope you like it!



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  1. These are brilliant, such great ideas! I love personalised gifts!!

    Love from London,

  2. I love anything personalised for Christmas! I love to gift personalised things too - I want to get my mum a cheese board that says her name this year!


  3. I love the idea of anything personalised as a present - some fab ideas here x

  4. Hey dear i loved your blog and the suggestions you gave for the presents!
    i already followed and i want invite you to visit and follow mine back if you want <3

  5. OMG I LOVVVEE ALL OF THESE IDEAS! they are perfect
    shy -