Amazon Finds To Kick-Start Your 2021!

 It is the last day of 2020 you guys... we made it, haha!!

Seriously, I know that just because a date changes does not mean that everything will be back to normal in the snap of a finger of course, however, personally I am sooo ready for this year to finally end - sorry, not sorry ;) On a more positive note, there are signs that we maybe have reasons to enter 2021 in a caauutiously hopeful mood that better times are around the corner, and speaking of that, why not make sure you kick start the beginning of this new year in the best way you possibly can?

Resolutions and goals aside, it is always nice to have a fresh start and to focus on improving different areas in your life. Whether that might be working out, organization, or time management for you, I wanted to curate a list of affordable Amazon finds that make your everyday life that little bit easier, more enjoyable or even more productive. These are all items I personally use and have my stamp of approval, haha, so I really do hope you will enjoy them just as much :)




+ Adjustable Ankle Weights - ankle weights has been something that had been on my wishlist for ages, yet I just took the plunge this year. I love these particular weights, because they are actually adjustable from 1lb to 10 lbs! The price is very reasonable and the reviews are insanely good!


+ Spiral Notepad - I wanted to include this notepad in this list, because a) it's super cute, haha and b) I am personally such a big planning/ notes/ lists person, that I just can not get my head around starting a new year without a fresh notebook, haha! I love this simple design here and it is also a great deal!

+ Exercise Mat - exercise or yoga mats can get very pricey reeeal quick, but this one from Amazon is very affordable, has amazing customer reviews and it comes in various pretty colors as well!


+ 3 Tier Storage Box - now this item is actually marketed as an organizer for vitamins and supplements, which is great, however, I ordered this to organize and neatly store all of my spices, because boy do I need help in organizing my kitchen shelves, haha! I thought this little guy was very convenient and efficient!


+ Phone Charger Stand - now, this phone charger is definitely one of those items where you do not know what you are missing out on until you have tried it, haha! I find it incredibly convenient to be able to charge my phone without a wire and standing up on the table. This particular product comes in a 2 pack, so also an amazing gift idea for a loved one!

+ Insulated Water Bottle - I just recently stumbled upon this particular water bottle and I am obsessed with it! It keeps your cold drink cool for up to 24 hours, or a hot drink warm for up to 12 hours. This bottle has almost 20,000 4.5 star reviews!


+ Heated Coaster - Another cool new gadget that is also super duper helpful and convenient is this USB-charging heating pad for your hot drinks! How amazing is that? :) You just plug it into your laptop or into an adapter and it heats up to make sure you can truly take your time enjoying your morning coffee.

+ Jewelry Organizer - one item I definitely wanted to get to start 2021 more organized in terms of trying to de-clutter my apartment is a jewelry organizer! How convenient is this particular one that you can use to hang all yur necklaces and bracelets? I love how it has a tray to display your earrings and rings as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: this blogpost contains affiliate links.