How I Got Accepted As A LikeToKnowIT Influencer In 5 Minutes!


If you are reading this blogpost, chances are you are looking for a way to monetize your blog and/ or Social Media channels. When I first started looking into this topic, I realized that the vast majority of the bloggers and Influencers I follow were using a platform called LikeToKnowIt for monetization purposes on their blog and Instagram. Doing more of my own research resulted in me wanting to join this platform as well and be able to not only make use of their tracking tools, but also their huge pool of advertisers, easy to implement and embed widgets and links as well as their very own App - LikeToKnow.It!

Well, turns out, joining the LikeToKnowIt network isn't as easy at first, haha! In this post I will talk you through how you can apply to be part of the network, give you recommendations on making your application process more successful as well as share the ultimate tip on how I got accepted as a LikeToKnowIt influencer in literally - literally - 5 minutes AND earned $25 by doing so!

But first of all...

What is LikeToKnowIt?


LikeToKnowIt is effectively a platform through which anybody is able to shop their favorite items and outfits shared by influencers and bloggers they follow. Now, the company behind LikeToKnowIt is called RewardStyle, which is an influencer network that enables registered users to monetize their Social Media by creating affiliate links in the form of various different widgets. On the Website itself it says that RewardStyle is an 'invitation only' network, however, I noticed that there was a simple application form to register as an influencer. So I decided to try that out. 


How Do I Join LikeToKnowIt As An Influencer? 


As I mentioned above, on the RewardStyle Website is a way to apply to be accepted as an influencer via a super simple form: you basically fill out your details, link your Social Media channels and/ or blog and click on the 'send' button - the whole process takes a couple of minutes! Super encouraged by all the awesome influencers and bloggers that I saw and recognized on their Website I sent my application... and exactly nothing happend. I received an E-Mail saying that checking my application would take a couple of weeks, fair enough, but I never received any news after. I think in total I applied two or even three times to RewardStyle over the course of months without ever getting accepted (or declined).


How Do I Increase My Chances To Get Accepted As A LikeToKnowIt Influencer? 



I spent a good amount of time researching and reading about how to improve my chances of getting accepted to join the network. What I noticed was that LikeToKnowIt really does not seem to be solely based on numbers! There is no minimum follower/ reader count, and I realized many influencers and bloggers - literally from 1 Million+ followers to a couple 100s! - were utilizing LikeToKnowIt on their Socials. Instead, RewardStyle truly checks their members based on content and quality! 

Here is what I gathered from various different resources:


+ the content you share should be in any form "shop-able", for example sharing fashion items, 

   interior pieces, beauty products 


+ make sure your images are of a decent quality and share your own, original content


+ the accounts accepted by RewardStyle often feature a light and clean design


+  tag brands that you are featuring in your posts on Instagram, mention them in your blogposts 

    and use their hashtags - it signals that you are willing to work with them


+  consistency!!! you do not have to post say three posts a day, but just do it regularly


+  your Instagram/ blog should be existent and active for a considerable amount of time 

    - minimum 4 months!

+  your audience and following should be growing 

+ Engagement!! Having an engaging audience is key - as I said LTK is not all about follower count!


After trying my best to optimize my content with regards to those points shared above and still not being lucky with applying, I connected with a girl on Instagram, who was already part of the RewardStyle network and she shared with me the ultimate tip, which made me be able to join RewardStyle and LikeToKnowIt in 5 minutes:


How Do I Join LikeToKnowIt By Getting A Referral?



Members of the RewardStyle network are actually able to refer a new member - which is exactly what my friend did for me! I instantly received an invite from the network to apply, which I did... and I was accepted only a couple of minutes after! Setting up your account on RewardStyle is again super easy, so I was quickly able to use all of their tools and services right after I joined. Now, remember that I already applied to the network before, so it could very well be that I was already on their radar, but the referral was the "missing piece" to make my application complete, which could be the reason why my application process was sooo fast!


Bonus: when you get accepted, both, you and the member that referred you, receive $25 from the get go! For me personally the $25 appeared a couple of weeks after getting accepted. What a way to start your LikeToKnowIt journey!  

How Do I Get A Referral?


So, would you like to be referred as a LikeToKnowIt influencer and earn $25 by doing so, just like me? Your wish is my command, haha! If you think that you fit the requirements I listed above, just send me a direct message over on my Instagram account @wantshoprepeat and I'll be happy to refer you to the network - Good luck!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine