Look For Less: Dupe Jaime Xie's $13k Outfit!

Now, I have a confession to make: I have been absolutely obsessed with Bling Empire on Netflix - probably like half of the world if I can boldly assume, haha! One of my guilty pleasures has always been reality tv, the cast is cute, funny, a bit ditsy and RICH, it takes place in LA, which is one of my favorite cities actually, and it's just overall very entertaining!

One of the show's celebrated rising stars when it comes to fashion is Jaime Xie - billionaire daughter and actually a super popular influencer, working with a wide aray of designer brands! Jaime was actually on my radar before I even knew she would be part of the cast of Bling Empire, as I have been a huuuge fan of her absolutely crazy several $10k's designer hauls on her Youtube channel - seriously, you have to see this, haha!

And since I've been admiring Jaime's impeccable and huge designer wardrobe for about a year now, I wanted to do a Look For Less post about one of her outfits! Now, this particular look you see below, comes with a whopping $13k (yes, you read that right!) price tag - which is for the most part accounted for by her exotic Fendi Peakaboo in rare ostrich leather. Jaime is also wearing some stunning Max Mara wool pants, which I found on sale here, if they are actually within your budget! A super cute Prada coat and some nude Jimmy Choo's!


 I loved this look so much that I really wanted to find a more affordable dupe for each item! Now, the Prada belted jacket was actually quite hard to find a look-a-like for, because, as you can find a ton of versions of colored belted coats in various price ranges, the fur trimmed sleeves really make this piece unique. However, I found this super cute Object number that has white FAUX (of course!) trim on the sleeves - so cute! 

Also, I feel like those pants by H&M are super spot on, and those pumps by Asos Design I actually own in three different colors and can confirm that they are very comfortable! 

The little bag I chose here is not particularly a dupe, as NOTHING can dupe this iconic Fendi bag, however, I thought this super affordable croc effect top handle bag would finish off this look amazingly!

Dupe the look:


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine


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  1. I am loving this, your picks look great!

    Danielle xx

  2. Those ASOS Design pumps are so chic! I love a good pair of neutral heels and/or pumps - they can really add a classy touch to an outfit!



  3. Such a fun look!

    xx Chelsea