My Most Popular Blogposts of 2020!

 Happy new year you guys!

And boy, has it been a year, haha! I am trying to truly keep it light and positive on my blog, so instead of focusing on the many not so great things this past year brought, I wanted to emphasize on moving forward and steering your energy and effort to another direction. However, I thought about this quite a lot and I am really, REALLY not in the mood to talk about new years resolutions, goals or the whole new-year-new-me thing this year - for obvious reasons!

Instead, let's keep it about enjoying yourself today, and sharing a little bit of entertainment to ease into this new year, whatever it may bring :) I thought a fun way to do so is by sharing my most read and most popular blogpost of 2020! So, if you fancy a read, a quick browse or some tips here and there, please feel free to click on the posts linked below ;)

#1 - Pinspiration: Living Room Ideas



I created this Pinspiration blogpost a month before I moved into my new apartment this year, which is crazy to look back on now, because I am currently sat in my living room, typing this out :) You can click this post if you are looking for some interior inspo!


#2 -  5 Tips For a Successful Wardrobe Clearout!


 I myself refer to this blogpost again and again, haha, as I like to clearout my wardrobe at the start of any season actually! This post was super popular in general, so if you are in need of any organizing and de-cluttering tips, you might want to go and check it out :) 

#3 - 11 Gorgeous Neutral Outfits To Try Out For Spring!


One of my favorite things to do on my blog is to provide styling inspiration, and this particular one works amazingly well timing-wise as *hopefully* spring now isn't to far around the corner :)


#4 - Pinspiration: Getting Organized



Another "on brand" organization blogpost full of tips and tricks to get in that new year deep clean and organizing! Enjoy browsing :) 


#5 -Winter Outfit Inspo



Apart from spring outfit inspiration, winter fashion was actually also a hot topic :) Check out this blogpost for some outfit inspo you can wear now!


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine


  1. So many great posts sweetie. All the best for 2021!

    Danielle xx