My New Years Resolutions!


'New year, new me' - that's what they say, am I right? Hahah! Well, while I think that most of you might already be over all that goal setting, planning, motivation and specifically resolutions for the new year, I honestly can't get enough of it!

I have touched on this in a previous blogpost, but I am definitely on team 'fresh start!', haha! I just love 'new beginnings' - Mondays, the first day of a month, a new year - I find them to be incredibly motivating and I get a serious sense of excitement from that. So, as probably 99% off the bloggers I follow have already shared, I too set my aspirations for the new year for myself. However, I have noticed that some of my new years resolutions are a bit different, or at least read differently than others.

Instead of making new years resolutions like 'I want to be more fit!' or 'I need to be more productive!', I have a much more target-focused approach when it comes to setting goals for the new year. Rather than thinking about what I personally need/ want to change about myself, I brainstorm achievements, milestones, goals - and than find myself growing along them. But let me talk you through my 2021 New Years Resolutions:

Spoiler alert, these are of course not aaall the goals I've set for myself. Some are a bit too personal or have such huge meaning to me, that I just do not feel comfortable sharing them :) However, I do hope my list will give you some inspiration for yourself!

1. I will reduce my caffeine intake!

Now, this first one I am incredibly embarassed to even write down, haha! I am a huuuge coffee addict, talking AT LEAST 3 cups of coffee a day (+ energy drinks in the afternoon, um, sorry, what??*blushes*), on some days it can even get as many as 5-6 cups... i know, i know: not at all healthy! Reason being is that too much intake of caffeine increases your blood pressure as well as your heart rate, which can be not beneficial for your health. I will reduce my coffee drinking in 2021! Ideally, bringing it down to 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup (or an energy drink...) in the afternoon - who's with me??


2. I will make certain doctor appointments!

 And by that I mean those appointments that are not extremely urgent, yet absolutely necessary in my opinion! I am always very good with going to the dentist as well as the gynecologist for my annual check-ups, however, this year, I added the dental hygienist and the dermatologist back on the list (skipped both last year and my excuse is that Covid made everything so much more of an inconvenience...). Good news: I already scheduled appointments for ALL FOUR of those for January and early February - go me!


 3. I will up my recycling game!

 I am proud to report that I am already quite happy with how many little things I have implemented in my day to day life to be more sustainable, though there is of course always room for improvement. One of those things is being more conscious and better about recycling! Meaning double-checking whether an item can be recycled before chucking it in the bin or whether an empty packaging needs to be disassembled into different parts - I really want to make more of a conscious effort of transforming it into a daily habit and routine.


4. I will improve my French to a level where I can have simple conversations! 

Hahah, this is quite specific, yes! To put this into more context: my boyfriend is French and while he himself and his family is fluent in English, which makes it a lot easier for me to communicate, hahah, his grandmother isn't really that fluent! So, I set the goal to myself to being able to talk to her in French by the end of the year :) I already started in December actually by downloading two language practicing Apps and setting aside a full hour each Sunday to study!


5. I will keep up my blogging schedule! 

I am quite confident that currently I have a found a content creation and posting schedule that really works for me, my full-time job, and my lifestyle in general, and I am truly happy about this! My goal is to keep up this schedule so that I can further grow my little corner of the Internet, all while still keeping the fun in it and not getting burned out from putting too much pressure on me. I have been trialling this for about a month now, and as I said, so far it's going great :)


You will notice that with most of my goals I have already kick-started getting them into motion a couple of weeks ago, rather than waiting for the first of January, as that sets me up for a more likely success! What I do with my goals throughout the year is keeping them somewhere easily accessible and within eye-sight pretty much - for me that is the very first page of my new 2021 planner! I check the list back throughout the year to hold myself accountable and then, well, I go and tick of my goals one by one :)


I find by doing that, I inevitably grow and change as a person in alignment with what I want to achieve, and that's where personal development really stems from for me. I would absolutely love, love, love to get your opinion on my thoughts here and read about your personal resolutions and goals for 2021, so please leave me a comment, if you feel like sharing!

Lastly, all there's left to say is I wish you all a truly, truly happy new year, may it bring you health, prosperity, growth, and most importantely joy! 


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!


xx Janine