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Today I wanted to try something different on my blog. I had this review post planned for quite some time now, however, seeing as I am not the 'luxury/ designer experter' that you can find on some other blogs, I didn't really know if this was something that I 'should' post.

Now, I've decided to not care about what I should or shouldn't post, haha, and go ahead with my review on the Sac de Jour Baby bag by Saint Laurent. All doubts aside I actually do feel that a review by your everyday, 'normal' person does bring some value as well! 



A little backstory on my bag: I've been a lover of designer bags and accessories for years now, and I always thought that one day I'll fulfill one of my dreams and buy myself my first designer bag. Saint Laurent is a brand that always spoke to me in terms of their design and overall vibe, and the Sac de Jour bag is one of their bags that just makes my heart skip a beat. So, last year in March (strange to think back  to it now, as that must have been a week or two before the first lockdown was imposed here in Germany, lol!) I took the plunge and purchased my Saint Laurent Sac de Jour in store as a gift from me to me for doing great at university, landing my first 'grown-up job'... and having saved up a couple of months as well, not gonna lie here, haha! Either way, this designer bag was really a reward for hard work to me.  

Keep on reading if you want to know in detail what I think about this bag, all the ins and outs, and for whom this baby would be a perfect purchase for!


First, some more detail on my specific bag: the style is called Sac de Jour, the size I have is the Baby, this particular color is called Rouge Opyum, and the leather is grained calf skin. I got it in store March of 2020 and paid around 2.000€ for it.

Why did I choose the Sac de Jour: I was very set on the Sac de Jour being my first designer bag after spending hours and hours watching Youtube hauls and unboxings and reading reviews on blogs about this bag. To me, it is overall a very very beautiful bag that looks classic yet still a bit edgy, which was important to me, as I wanted it to seamlessly fit my style and go with my wardrobe. I like how it is an everyday bag, yet it can absolutely also work for a dinner or even the bar. Also, I was very certain I wanted to get a crossbody bag, as that type of practicality was important to me for my first ever designer bag. 


Why did I choose this color: Now, here I want to say that I did not particularly chose the color - the color chose me, hahah! I actually went into the store very much certain I would get a black or maybe a neutral color (though I was teeerrified of possibly staining it, haha!). Of course, they didn't have either in the color I wanted... I tried on the Rouge Opyum, and instantly fell in love! It probably helped that I wore a classic camel coat, light jeans and white mules, aka the most PERFECT outfit to be paired with a deep vine red bag, am I right? Since I have found that this bag fits almost every outfit I am putting together, this shade of red really works with so many different colors, it is absolutely insane - looks gorgeous with white, light pinks, jeans, different shades of camel, brown, beige, as well as an all black look or gray clothes... This was possible the best color that I could have picked for my first designer bag, as it goes with virtually everything!


Why did I choose this size: As I mentioned, I got the bag in store and I was not yet certain which size to get (this particular bag comes in the Nano, Baby and Small). I tried on all the sizes, which is something that I would recommend to anyone buying a designer bag, and was set on the size Baby very quickly - the Nano was just too small for my lifestyle (although very, very cute!) and the medium just a bit too big for my frame (I am on the petite side) plus I personally did not like how the shoulder strap was placed towards to top handle of the bag rather then on the sides. For me personally the size Baby is just perfect, and not too 'baby' at all! It looks very proportionate I think, and fits everything that I need on a daily basis - except for an umbrella actually, but then again, I do not carry this bag whenever it rains, haha :)

When do I use this bag: to make it short - everytime! I use it when going shopping, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, for some drinks, taking a stroll in the city, meeting friends - now granted those occasions were cut back BIG time the past year, the chances I did get to wear this bag, I did! I just don't wear it to work, because I take public transport and I think I am still very very careful with this bag so I do not really comfortable using it for work... haha, maybe one day I'll get over it!


Who would I recommend this bag to: I would recommend this bag to anyone that is looking to buy their first designer bag and wants it to be practical, functional, suitable for everyday and beautifully designed at the same time! The person that is out and about a lot, is quite active on an everyday basis, yet does not have to carry their whole life around everytime (a laptop for example would never fit in this bag, a tablet would though!). As this bag does come in a few different sizes and many, many absolutely gorgeous colors, I truly think that everyone with a love for designer bags and Saint Laurent in general will find a design that suits their personal taste and style. 

So, this is it, my review on my beautiful baby, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. Please leave any questions you ahve down below in the comments, in case I forgot to cover anything!

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