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Happy Friday you guys!

I am sooo happy that it is almost the weekend, because even though the year started off quite quiet work-wise, I am now already head first, full-force back into it, haha! So, to start off this much anticipated weekend, I would like to share a Shein try-on haul with you today.

I know that Shein items can be hit or miss, which is why I always take my time and look at the reviews when ordering from them. The pieces you see here are all truly my favorites from the haul - there were some I didn't like at all and therefore not showing them on my blog, like that one pair of shoes that was cute, but the zipper wouldn't open, lol! 

But scroll through to see for yourself and check out the reviews on the Website for those specific items, because *spoiler alert* they don't lie when it comes to these cute pieces!


I instantly really liked this drop shoulder colorblock sweater when I saw it on the Website as it is something so unique! It's quite a basic style and the neutral colors make sure that you can style it with everything and anything you want basically. However, the second I tried it on I truly fell in love with this pieces, because it is soooo soft, omg! The 5 star reviews for this item were definitely right! Fit is TTS.


With the sweater I tried on this nude colored baseball cap, because I really like the casual vibe, and you guys - this hat is only $2! I instantly checked and this particular hat comes in a few other different colors - needless to say I am ordering like 5 of them, haha! And I think I am not alone here, as this item has over 600 almost 5 star reviews!


Another piece I am particularly excited for is this striped knitted cardigan. I ordered it because I thought the neutral/ mustard-ish colore striped are kinda cool and different, but when it arrived I was extremely impressed by the fabric and the quality of the piece. It is actually quite heavy and bulky, the knitting looks high-quality and the fit is just amazing - so snuggly! I can see this styled now with different brown and neutral shades under heavier coats and then when temps finally rise again, I could wear this as outerwear actually! This item has almost 400 4.5 star reviews!


I did order quite a few hats this time, haha! I liked this beige colored one because it is just plain and very simple, perfect for any kind of casual, sporty outfit - and I actually only own beanies with pom poms or other details to them! This was another extremely affordable purchase, being only $2 as well! It comes in many different colors and has almost 1,500 4.5 star reviews!



Next up is this cozy black ribbed loungewear set. It comes with two pieces, a light-weight long sleeve shirt, with a slightly bigger neckline, so you can pull it off the shoulder, and a pair of straight-leg, tie waist pants. I took another photo here to try and show you the ribbed fabric, because I think it adds a pretty detail! I looove this little set, it is uber soft, very comfortable and feels like you are almost wearing nothing, haha! I did get my normal size XS, however, if you want the pants to fit a bit more baggy, I would size up one size. This set has almost exclusively 5 star reviews!



How cute is this deep red colored sweater dress?? I just love this item, the fabric is very soft and the color just amazing. However, I do have to say, it is very short!! I just about get away with it - I am 5'4'' for reference - but tbh, I feel much more comfortable wearing this as a long shirt tunic-style with leggings! Other than that, I jsut adore this item, definitely one of my top 3 pieces of this haul I would say :) I am wearing my normal size, but sizing up would also add some length to it. It has over 650 almost 5 star reviews. 



Now, if the dress above is in my top 3 from this haul, this fedora hat definitely made number 1, haha! Honestly, I love this hat so much, I should not shut up about it when I first got it and had to show my BF about twenty different looks this hat jsut works amazingly with, haha, poor guy! But seriously though, this hat just blew me away quality-wise! The material feels amazing, it is not flimsy at all, but very, very structured and the detail is insane! I actually took a double take when I saw that it is only $5 - for real! Trust me, if you get only one piece from this whole post, make it this hat - you won't regret it! Over 7,000 ALMOST 5 STAR REVIEWS don't lie, haha!



I was actually on the hunt for an inexpensive neutral colored hoodie that I could wear on my runs early in the morning, but honestly this super cute one is almost too beautiful to wear it for going on a run, haha! I am obsessed with the color (who doesn't love a perfect shade of nude, right??), the fit is perfect, the style is cute, but the absolute best part is the inside: it is actually fully lined with the softest fleece-like fabric! With it being only $13, it's a total steal, comes in a bunch of colors (watch me get every single one, haha!) and has over 2,500 almost 5 star reviews!



The last hat in this haul is - surprise, surprise, haha - another pom pom beanie! This black knitted beanie is just super adorable, yet also very WARM! I was suprised to see that it is lined with a fleece-like material, so it really does keep your ears toasty :) It is under $4.50, comes in four different colors and almost 600 reviews!



And last but not least I ordered this adorable little gray bucket bag - how cuuute is it??! I am not going to lie, the quality of this one is not the absolute best as it is a bit stiff, however, once I will use it some more I am sure it will soften a bit and for THAT price you really can't go wrong! It's just the perfect bag to have some fun with, spice up a simple outfit and it truly can work for any season! It does have over 7,300 4.5 star reviews and even comes in other neutral colors!

So, this is it, this is my most recent try-on haul from Shein! What do you think? Which item is your favorite and did you get any inspo for one of your next purchases? Let me know in the comments below!

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xx Janine

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  1. I have seen loads from Schein and they look great, but never actually thought of placing an order!

    Danielle xx

  2. I have never tried anything from shein but they seem really affordable!