The Best Pair Of Chunky Chelsea Boots Under $60 + Some Styling Inspo!

 If you guys have been following along on my Instagram lately, you would have seen that I fell absolutely head over heels for one particular shoe trend this season (see what I did there?;)): chunky, calf-high Chelsea boots!

Doubtless that style of boot first took the world by storm when both, Bottega Venetta and Prada, launched their models, and with those brands not really being in my budget - particularly not for trying out a trend that I admittedly did not really know what to think of at first! - I scoured the Internet for a pair I would really love to get AND that would not break the bank!



Enter the Alana chunky Chelsea boots by Asos Design! I immediately fell in love with this particular pair, as it seemed to be everything I was looking for: not too chunky, so that it would be wearable for everyday wear - check. Sleek leather look - check. Affordable price tag - double check! This pair is only $56, so I would absolutely jump on it if you are looking for a pair in this style!

Now, the past few weeks I played around with these boots and styling them a lot of different ways! It was important to me that I would find a good round of outfits that these pair well with, as I first had to search Pinterest for some outfit inspo with this particular style of boot!

Here is some styling inspo:

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They work the best with bare legs in my opinion!

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I know that bare legs are not an option at every given occasion or time, so I feel they work amazingly with a pair of sheer black tights as well!


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Love the seamless look of pairing them with leather pants - so elongating! They work also great with simple black skinny jeans.

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Lastly, I feel that they also work with baggier denim and pants when loosely tucked in!

Which of these styling options is your favorite? What do you think about the trend of chunky, calf-high Chelsea boots? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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