Look For Less: Dupe InTheFrow's Designer Spring Look!


Victoria's original look:


Can I just begin this blogpost by saying how shocked I am that this is actually the very first time that I am duping a look by Victoria aka InTheFrow, whereas I am frequently drooling over her outfits and her impeccable designer wardrobe of one of my favorite bloggers?! Dreaming that one day I can afford to pretty much copy each and every one of her outfits... but in the meantime, I am scrolling my favorite online retailers on the lookout for some more affordable dupes, haha!


Now, this outfit particularly caught my eye because of the lovely Spring vibes it exudes! I am absolutely obsessed with the color yellow lately and just completely fell in love with how Victoria styled the beautiful Me+Em merino wool and cashmere cardi here. So, without further ado, here is my dupe styling of this stunning blogger outfit for just about $7k less. I hope you enjoy!

Dupe the look:


To be completely honest, duping that gorgeous Versace bralette that Victoria is wearing was actually close to impossible, because the print is just too unique! However, seeing as the print is not really something I would personally incorporate into my own wardrobe, I was looking for a bralette just similar enough in vibe... and came about this stuuuuning knitted bralette by Mango! Similarly structed, and definitely equally of an eye-catcher with those amazing gold chain details on the strap - so cute! I love how it goes with the rest of the look and the best part? It is currently on sale!

Let me just quickly give myself a pat on the back for finding this awesome dupe of a cardi, haha! It might not be merino and cashmere mix, however, this gorgeous lemon yellow cotton-blend H&M cardigan comes super close in looks if you look at the linked original Me+Em one - even down to the tortoiseshell buttons! It is very very affordable and just such a great wardrobe staple for the upcoming warmer months!

I've seen the stir-up leggings trend everywhere over on Instagram and even though I think the Victoria Beckham ones are just a dream, I opted for this way more affordable version by Monki that I found on Asos! Such a cool new thing to try out in my opinion.


As for accessories, I duped the Celine bag with this classy and sleek one I found on the Mango Website (they always have amazing bags and shoes, if you haven't checked those out yet!). The Dior logo belt is a classic in itself, however, if you want something more understated, go for a simple gold buckle design


Nothing really comes close to the stunning Chloé crystal embellished chunky choker, however, TheStyledCollection had a very affordable chunky chain option that I thought was perfect to maybe just dabble into this style of jewelry first! Top the look off with an amazing red lipstick - I linked a Tarte one here, because their lipstick formular is sooo creamy and definitely one of my favs! -  to bring out the stunning yellow of the cardigan even more and you are good to go!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: this blogpost contains affiliate links.


  1. I am totally here for this blog post. Her looks are out of this world, but super pricey!

    Danielle xx