10 Easy + Budget-friendly Ways To Make Your Outfits Look More Expensive

We all know those kind of people – those that always look so put together, effortlessly styled, yet their clothes just scream ‚I have money!‘ to you! Who are those people, what do they do for a living, and, most importantly, what are their styling secrets?

If you want to elevate the look and feel of your outfits, but you might not necessarily have the budget to purchase head to toe designer, this blogpost is for you! Scroll down to read ten easy to implement and budget-conscious ways to make your outfits look more expensive:

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#1: Invest in well-fitting and high quality basics

The so called ‚basics‘ are definitely the foundation of your wardrobe and every single one of your outfits – so much so that the name basics is almost degrading! Let’s go with wardrobe staples! Now, what those staples are depends to a degree on your personal style of course, however, certain items like flattering t-shirts, high quality material jeans, or a classic leather jacket probably belong in any wardrobe. Next time you refresh your staples, opt for natural materials, like cotton, try out a few different cuts and styles to find out the most flattering one for you and look for a long-living quality that stays looking pristine for a while.

Budget-friendly, high quality basics:


#2: Focus on neutral tones

Now, a lot of us already have a good selection of neutral-colored clothing items in our wardrobe. If you don’t, and you want to look more expensive on a budget, definitely go out and get yourself some basics in black, grey, white, beige, camel, brown and cream! Neutral shades look polished and put together, two characteristics that are always associated with more ‚expensive‘. They are timeless and classy, therefore elevating your outfit and make you look fashionable in an instant! Bonus: as they easily mix and match with a ton of other items in your wardrobe, you can create countless different outfits using not that many pieces!

Chic, neutral-toned pieces: 



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#3: Opt for pointy toe shoes

A detail that is often overlooked, but makes the world of a difference – promise! -, are pointy toe shoes. Whether your pair of choice is pumps, flats, the highest heels, or sleek ankle booties: a pointy toe area makes every pair look more expensive. Pointy shoes are often associated with chic, classic style, giving all of the successful-woman-on-the-go vibes! You don’t have to go for designer at all here, but be aware of choosing high quality materials, a well-made design and make sure they fit perfectly – no one looks expensive in uncomfortable shoes, ouch!

High-end looking, pointy toe shoes:


#4: Splurge on accessories, not on clothes

Of course this tip only applies if certain brand or designer items are in your budget, or you are willing to pay for them (totally get it if you are not!). The reason this tip is on the list is because any simple outfit made of basics from more affordable retailers will look instantly more chic and elevated with branded accessories. If you are in the market to splurge on accessories, stick with very versatile and easy to pair items, that you personally already have a lot in your rotation. Are you an absolute sneaker fan? Maybe see if you can get the super popular Veja sneakers on sale! Always wearing sunnies? Treat yourself to a pair of bomb designer glasses. Have some spare cash? How about a classic designer handbag, that pairs with absolutely anything and everything in your wardrobe?

Splurge-worthy accessories: 


#5: Don’t be afraid to tailor your clothes

In our humble opinion, one-size-fits-all is definitely not a thing! We all come in different sizes and shapes alongside countless of personal preferences and tastes as to how we like to wear our clothes. The solution? Visit a tailor! Whether you want to nip in the waist on your gorgeous new dress, shorten your favorite pair of jeans to just the perfect length or perfect the fit oft he sleeves of your new blazer – all those little details will make your outfit look literally like it was made for you, which in turn gives the impression of having spent a good few bucks on it as well!


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#6: Textures, textures, textures!

One of the most fun tipps to play with when it comes to making your outfit look like it cost more than it actually did, is to incorporate different textures into your look! Some materials, like tweed, lend themself to a more high-end look (especially with tweed being highly associated with Chanel!) and have been adopted by a ton of more affordable retailers to bring beautiful tweed skirts, jackets or dresses to your wardrobe! Other textures to bring into your look to make it more elevated is soft (not too shiny!) leather, chunky knits and velvet and embroidery. Just make sure to not mix too many textures and different materials all at once and make a textured piece the focal point of your look.

Luxurious textures: 


#7: Look for luxe details on accessories

If you take a quick look around designer retailers you will find out that most high-end accessories are embellished with ‚luxe details‘ – whether that is chains, chunky hardware (often in the form of the designers logo), beads or a certain print. Now, without spending hundreds or even thousands on designer accessories, you can definitely find that look for less. And we are not talking about replicas! Look for quality materials, clear shapes, high-end looking hardware and those little details, that make your accessorie look that bit more special and expensive!

Accessories with a twist:


#8: Play with prints

Now, it is very obvious that some prints definitely make an outfit looks more expensive, while other… definitely don’t. Prints you want to look out for if you want to elevate your outfits are plaids, houndstooth, polka dots and stripes. Wear this print on classic, timeless pieces, like a shift dress, a blazer or tailored pants and you’re outfit will introduce you as ‚hi-im-from-an-aristocratic-british-family-thanks‘. 

Expensive looking prints: 



#9: Add a red lip

Something about a bold red lip just instantly elevates any (ANY!) outfit. It sprinkles a bit more confidence in there, making you look extra put together, and it seems like you have spend extra time on your look, even though you probably threw on that lipstick in the rearview mirror of your car while commuting to work! A red lip screams sophisticated, bold and expensive!

Luxe-looking red lips:

#10: Wear it with confidence!

Now, every single one of these tips, albeit very effective, can be seen with a little twinkle in the eye. No matter how much budget you have for your outfits, always wear every single piece with confidence! Nothing is more attractive and admirable than a woman or a man being secure and confident in themself. This look alone will beat any designer label heavy outfit in no time. Talk about real worth!


What do you think about these tips? Any you already implement or you might want to try out in the future? What are your personal tips to dressing more expensive on a budget?

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