5 Under $2000 Most Popular Designer Bags

I will be the first person in the room to raise my hand and confess to having bought into designer bags before that have maaayybe exceeded my budget a tiiiny bit, or, if I am completely honest, are very much over-priced for what they actually are!

Luckily for the fashionistas on a budget out there, many of the well-known designer brands do actually make entry-price bag designs with prices being as good as under $2,000! And while you might not get a Chanel handbag for that price, it is a great budget you can set yourself if you want to maybe get your first designer bag, or you want to buy into a brand without having to cash in all your savings, your house and your dog.

So, let me give them to you: the 5 most popular handbags by well-known designer brands that are under $500!

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Bottega Veneta "The Pouch" Mini Bag

The little sister of Bottega Veneta's first 'It-Bag', so conveniently called the "Mini The Pouch", is not only more accessible in terms of finding this bag at your favorite retailers, but also in terms of price! Being just over $1,500 it is definitely on the more affordable side when we are talking must-have designer bags and a cool 50% of what the original The Pouch bag is. Plus, the Mini The Pouch actually comes with a slim shoulder strap, which makes it more wearable and versatile than the standard-sized The Pouch being a clutch style bag only.

Shop Bottega Veneta Mini The Pouch:
 When I was doing my research for this blogpost, I was surprised to see how many Bottega Veneta mini bags are actually priced below the $2,000 mark! A lot of their best selling styles are quite reasonably priced in the mini sizes, so it is definitely wort a browse. I even found two The Pouch styles that are also more affordable than the standard leather version with $1,900! Linking some favs I found here:
Shop more Bottega Veneta bags under $2,000:
Saint Laurent "Lou" Camera Bag 
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I have proclaimed my love for Saint Laurent as a fashion house and their designs time and time again, so it made me really happy to be able to put my favorite designer on this list featuring designer handbags under $2,000! Saint Laurent actually has several handbag styles that fall into this category (oh, isn't it amazing?!), but the one design I think you get the most value for your money is the Lou Camera Bag. Now, the price depends on the materials used as well as the color, but they are around the $1,400 mark. I love this classic design, as it is practical, will never go out of style yet brings the Saint Laurent glamour to any of your outfits!
Shop Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag:
As I mentioned above, Saint Laurent has a few handbags under $2,000 in their portfolio! Here I've linked a selection of the ones I love the most:
Shop more Saint Laurent bags under $2,000:
Gucci "Soho" Disco Bag
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In a very similar fashion to the Saint Laurent Lou camera bag, the Gucci Soho Disco Bag has been a tried and true fan favorite for years as well. From the practical shape, to the comfortable crossbody strap and the quite prominent but, not too in-your-face logo - the Soho Disco truly is one of the most popular everyday designer handbags out there. The classic design comes in black and a tan color. The best part? The price is actually great being $1,250! 
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Gucci has released most of their recent launched bags in mini sizes, that are suuuper adorable and only cost a fraction of the price of their "full-grown" sisters! Additionally, there are quite a few design that are priced very reasonably! Here is a selection of more Gucci bags that are under $2,000:

Shop more Gucci bags under $2,000:

Prada Re-Nylon Logo-Plaque Tote Bag

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Italian fashion house Prada truly paved the way for other upscale designers with their use of recycled nylon for their high-end bag designs! Prada continues to use nylon in a ton of their recently launched designs, also in an effort to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, which we of course highly support. From their re-edition nylon shoulder bags, to newly released backpacks and bucket bag, and even up to an amazing tote bag, that quickly avanced to one of the brand's most coveted styles. The Re-Nylon Tote Bag comes in three different colors, and the price is amazing with $1,170.
Shop Prada Re-Nylon Logo-Plaque Tote Bag:

Prada also has an array of more seasonal bag styles, that are very reasonably priced, with a lot of them even being under $1,000! Check a selection of my favorite more affordable Prada bags here:

Shop more Prada bags under $2,000:

Chloé Faye Small Shoulder Bag
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I vividly remember the Chloé Faye bag being the reason I feel head over heels for designer bags all those years ago! I love how this classic bag design is distinguishable due to its features like the recognizable hardware ring with the chain detail, yet super practical and user-friendly for the everyday woman. The Chloé Faye is also not too harsh on your bank account with the small size being priced just under the $1,500 mark. Though more on the affordable end when compaired to it's high designer brand cousins, you get nothing less for your money with the Chloé Faye, with the bag being made of soft lambskin and the suede, and the craftmanship being stunningly detailed!
Shop Chloé Faye Small Shoulder Bag:
Most of Chloé's popular bag designs are actually under $2,000 in the small and mini sizes, so it is definitely worth a browse, if you are looking to save yourself a few hundred dollars! Here is an edit of some of the Chloé bags that are priced very well - inlcuding one of the brand's newest and hottest additions: the new leather and straw tote bags!

Shop more Chloé bags under $2,000:
I would love to hear your opinion on these popular designer handbags under $2,000! Which one was your favorite and was there a brand you were surprised to find on this list?
Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. To be honest, a designer bag is one of the only materialistic areas that I allow myself to splurge in. I don't know what it is about a beautiful, well-made bag that just pulls me in, but I suppose everyone has their thing, right? The selections you featured are all so pretty! I especially love the Chloe Woody bag and the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote!


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