A Guide To Choosing Your First Designer Handbag + Top 10 Luxury Bags For First-Time Buyers!

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Timless classic or stylish trend-piece? Louis or Celine? Neutral shade or fun bright pop? Fit-it-all tote or all-purpose crossbody? Investment or bargain-potential? So, you want to splurge on your first ever designer handbag… and chances are that questions like the ones above – among others – have popped into your head already! Oh, so many luxury handbags, so little time… But don’t fret, I am here to help you! This blogpost will help you find out how to choose the perfect first designer handbag purchase according to your lifestyle and preferences. At the end of this post, there is also a curated selection of the top 10 best first designer handbags! Now, whether you already have your dream bag in mind, and are now trying to figure out if it truly is a match ment to be, or if you just love them all and simply can not decide which one of the vast selection of beautiful designer handbags to crown your chosen one, there are a few things to consider:


#1: Consider your Lifestyle! If you are taking the plunge of investing in your first ever designer handbag, you want this bag to seemlessly fit into your day-to-day life as well as to the purpose you appoint to it. Do you need a bigger bag to fit all your essentials for the office or university? A crossbody style that leaves you hands-free to push a stroller? Or are you simply looking for a cute shoulder bag to wear on the weekends for brunch with the girls? Let’s face it, if you have a busy 9 to 5 job, chances are that a tiny wallet-on-a-chain will probably not really fulfill all your needs on a daily basis. What do you absolutely need to bring on a usual work day? What do your routines and schedules look like? Will your designer bag be a daily companion or mainly an occasional plus one? If you are purchasing your first luxury bag, make sure it is one you can really get your wear out of, one that you can grab any given occasion, and not one that will sit pretty on your shelf and see the light of day every blue moon! Don’t keep your luxury items for „special occasions“! #2: Choose your brand! Now, for us designer bag lovers a handbag is not only an accessorie – it’s an attitude! You are what you eat and, yes, you are what you buy. We as consumers make a statement about our own personal style, beliefs, and opinions every single time we undertake a purchase. Your first ever designer bag is supposed to be something super special, so make sure the chosen brand reflects that for you! Go for a designer that has left you inspired for years now, a brand who’s ethos you can truly identify with, and a fashion house that makes you proud carrying a history-rich piece from. The biggest designer brands can offer you all that and so much more. While there is a vast amount of super cool, up-and-coming designers that are truly innovative and definitely worth watching out for, nothing beats a first every luxury purchase from a culture- and heritage-rich brand.

#3: Think About the Design! Contrary to popular belief, size does matter… when choosing your very first designer handbag! While the overall style of a bag is undoubtedly a matter of personal preference and taste, there are some design aspects which make one bag more suitable to be chosen as your first designer purchase than others.
  1. Size: This again largely depends on your daily life, however, medium-sized handbags are by far the best choice for your first designer handbag purchase. Why? Because they are for the most part roomy enough for all your essentials, are suitable for many different occasions, from your work commute to dinner in the evening, and are usually the most versatile when it comes to styling as well.
  2. Color: Now, black or neutral shades of beige and brown are undeniably the most flexible when it comes to working them into a wardrobe color palette, as they truly go with everything! Keep in mifd that some shades of brown or tan don’t mix with certain shades some of your outfits might have. Try to avoid trendy colors or handbags that are just too light, which would limit the pieces to be worn in certain seasons only. But hey, if your style is super colorful and you desperately need a bright baby blue designer bag to express exactly that, absolutely go for it!
  3. Straps: This point is important! When it comes to carrying your first every designer handbag, it should ideally be as hassle-free as possible. The first choice would be a shoulder bag or crossbody bag that leave you hands-free. Bonus points if the bag has adaptable straps that can be worn a few different ways or a detachable crossbody strap! Lastly, just stay away from a clutch style for your first ever designer bag… just… don’t.
#4: Go for the Classics! I get it. The trendy it bags of the season are cool, exciting, and you see them ev-er-y-whe-re. Oftentimes, the bag-de-jour featured by influencers, bloggers, and celebrities really lure you in. However, when looking to invest in your first ever designer bag, don’t fall into this trap! These bags are called ‘trendy‘ for a reason – and trends come and go. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a bag that is out-of-style in a few years to come! And that is why you should definitely opt for the bags that are considered classics: designer handbags that have been created for years, widely loved by luxury lovers all over the world, and have proven their durability and potential over time. Your first ever designer purchase should be one that you want to keep and cherish for years and years to come!
 #5: Beware of the Budget!
And lastly, but certainly not least – make sure you don’t have to eat pasta and pesto for the rest of the month when splurging on your first every designer bag, haha! Seriously, set a budget and stick.to.it! Don’t overspend, it is not worth it. You alone can decide how much money you can put aside to save for a designer bag. It is not enough to purchase your dream bag? Save some more! You have a feeling a particular bag is wildly out of your reach? Go for a more affordable brand! Let’s not forget, a designer bag is a huge investment. Just take your time, stay calm, and save your pennies – it will add up eventually! Don’t ever feel pressured to buy into a certain brand if the timing (or prize) just does not feel right. 
I hope the above bullets will help you in making the right decision on which designer bag to buy as your first ever luxury purchase.
To make it even easier for you, I wanted to round-up the top 10 best first designer handbags! Scroll down to see my selection in the edit below in no particular order. Take a look at the list, analyze the bag styles according to the guidelines I set for you above, and you will be on a good path to choosing your perfect first ever designer handbag!

Shop top 10 first designer handbags:
 Shop Chanel Classic Flap:
Shop Saint Laurent Sac De Jour:
Shop Fendi Peekaboo:
Shop Chloé Faye:
Shop Gucci Marmont:
Shop Saint Laurent Loulou:
Shop Givenchy Antigona:
Shop Prada Double:
Shop Louis Vuitton Neverfull:
Shop Balenciaga City:
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